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Read These 10 Tips Child Actors’ Parents – Especially those who pull double duty as their child’s management. West Coast Counseling Center of Los Angeles specializes in working with the unique and underlying set of issues that arise for Child Actors (and Child Actors’ Parents’) working in the entertainment industry. Sometimes WCCC of Los Angeles consults with a private acting […]

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10 reality checks for hollywood moms

Top 10 Reality Checks for Hollywood Moms

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Remember that you are still the parent and it is important for your child to see you in a role undiminished by the presence of any other authority figure in their life. Remind your child that you hold the space where they can come and reveal anything, including things that others might be saying or […]

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Child Stars Before the Fall

Naughty or Nice? Top 7 Tips to AVOID Child Actor EGO!

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PUBLISHED MARCH 2014 Over the past few months as we have watched Justin Bieber become embroiled in various types of legal trouble, and we’ve wondered what effect it has on his young fans.  We went straight to the source surveying our child, pre-teen and teen readers to find out. You will see the results of that […]

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winfrey lohan interview

COUNSELOR’S CORNER: Confronting Chaos; Lindsay Lohan’s Next Step @westcoastcenter @lindsaylohan @oprah

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*As we were about to publish this edition of Counselors Corner on Lindsay Lohan last week, several incidents occured which couldn’t go without acknowledgement. On Sept. 12, 2013, Lohan’s mother Dina, 50, was arrested for speeding and DWI.  In court today, Sept. 25, 2013, with her own mother Ann Sullivan by her side, Dina pled […]

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Amanda Bynes Cover Shot

COUNSELOR’S CORNER: When Former Child Stars Break Down Publicly, It’s A Cry For Help! @wcccla @amandabynes

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UPDATE: TMZ reported Friday that a judge ruled that Amanda’s doctors’ hold can be extended up to a year, but according to sources it is unlikely that she will be held for that duration. The plan is to keep her for 60 more days until she is stable and then release her to her Hollywood Mom Lynn […]

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