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CASTING CALL & UPDATES: New Disney Sitcom “A.N.T. Farm” Seeks Regulars, Guest Stars & Day Players

Posted on 22. Dec, 2010 by in Auditions, Casting Calls, Casting Updates, THE BUZZ

It’s a Laugh Productions and Disney Channel are in pre-production on a new episodic series titled “A.N.T. Farm.” The half hour sitcom pilot was written and produced by Dan Singer, who will remain as the series head writer and executive producer. Signer has worked as co-executive producer, consulting producer, and writer on the Disney Channel series “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “The Suite Life on Deck.”

Disney picked up “A.N.T. Farm” for season 1 from the pilot episode which was directed by Bob Koherr. Koherr has directed numerous episodes of Disney shows such as “Hannah Montana,” “Good Luck Charlie,” “Wizards of Waverly Place,” and “The Suite Life on Deck.”

China Anne McClain has landed the starring role as Chyna Sparks. The 12-year-old actress has worked on “Hannah Montana,” “Jonas,” and played Jazmine Payne on Tyler Perry’s television series “House of Payne,” as well as Perry’s film “Daddy’s Little Girls.” Most recently she played Charlotte McKenzie on the feature film “Grown Ups.” She is represented by Abrams Artists Agency and managed by The Brand.

Also starring is Sierra McCormick, who recently played the role of Susan in “Ramona and Beezus.” McCormick won a Family Television Award for “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” Her other credits include “Hannah Montana,” “The Dog Who Saved Christmas,” “Land of the Lost,” and “A Nanny for Christmas.” Her manager is Oren Segal at Media Talent Group (who boast clients Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman) and she’s represented theatrically by Thomas Richards at the Corsa Agency.

Child Actors Stefanie Scott and Jake Short are also involved with this AFTRA project which will begin principal photography in January at LA Center Studios.

Casting for additional series regulars is underway.  Guest stars, day players, extras, and stand-ins will continue to be cast throughout winter 2010 and spring 2011. Submit photos and resumes to: Liz Martinez-Nelson Casting, Brice/Gergely Casting, A.N.T. Farm Casting, 1040 Las Palmas Avenue, Bldg. 33, 3rd Floor, LA, CA 90038. Please remember, no personal appearances at the casting office!

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37 Responses to “CASTING CALL & UPDATES: New Disney Sitcom “A.N.T. Farm” Seeks Regulars, Guest Stars & Day Players”

  1. Teresa

    20. Dec, 2013

    I will love to play in the show because so I can have a better life and to take care of my family and little brothers and sister and my sister baby and my brother one year old dauther.

  2. Damian Wilinski

    05. Sep, 2013

    Hi I’m Damian, and I want to be in ANT Farm. Can someone tell me audtion details? Being on ANT Farm would be a dream come true! It would help me get a head start on my acting carreer!
    Age ;16
    Ethnicity: Polish
    Hair- Black
    Eyes- dark green-blue
    Height- 183
    Weight- 68 kgs
    Talents- Music, Acting, Dancing

  3. Indyaa Johnson

    29. Aug, 2013

    Hello China… My name is Indyaa and I would love to play a role in some of your shows.. I love to sing, I watch A.N.T Farm everyday when it comes on, even at school.. I wll watch your show before I do any thing else, and i just want you to let me be on it….. Love you baby cakes.! Hey when you get a chance, call or text meeeeeeeeee.! 601-508-5686 Have a blessed day.!

  4. Christopher Maxy

    24. Jul, 2013

    Hi I would love to be on the ant farm tv show! I love to act. I have done many school plays but nothing in front of a camera. I am 13, 5’4″, I weigh 160 lbs. I play basketball and golf. I love sports. I’m an American American with short black hair and brown eyes.

  5. Kristina

    23. Jul, 2013

    Hi. My name is Kristina and I would love it if I could have a role on A.N.T Farm. I have always dreamed of being an actress ever since my first school play when I was 7 or 8. I have acting experience from years of doing school plays and with my friends. Here is some info about me:

    Age: 12
    Birthday: October, 31 2000
    Hair color: Brown/Dark Brown (Sometimes with natural Blonde highlights)
    Eye Color: Brown (Sometimes Greenish)
    Birth Place: Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
    Hobbies: Acting, Art, Shopping, Hanging with friends, Swimming, Skiing, A little Guitar, Soccer, Jazz, Hip Hop, Traveling.
    Height: I don’t know how to put this in inches cause I’m not American but I’m 1.52. That means I’m 1 meter and 52 centimeters.
    Weight: About 75-80 Pounds.
    Grade: I finished Grade 7 and I’m going into Grade 8.
    School: Mother Teresa Catholic High School.
    Skin color: Normal tan. (Not trying to be Raisest I hate Raisest people.)

    Here is a little more info about me:
    I’m honest. I hate to lie other people. I’m nice and easy to get along with. I’d love to meet the stars on A.N.T Farm and would also like for my acting career to kick off on a head start thanks to A.N.T. Farm. Thanks for reading this and I hope that I get picked. And if not, I’m sure the person who got the role sure deserved it. Please type back.
    Thanks. -Kristina

    P.S – May the best Person win and pick wisely. : P

  6. elaina

    10. Jul, 2013

    hello my name is Elaina D. and every since I was 2 i have been acting I do have a lot of stuff I used to do like Tap,Ballet,Basketball,gymnastics,karate,ect. A lot of thingsI still do like basketball play the cello and voleyball

    my hobbies are : basketball,kickball,baseball,and a lot of sports.


    height;5 ft

    weight: 82

    hair color;black

    I play the cello,recorder, little bit of guitar

  7. felicity rogers

    06. Jul, 2013

    I love to sing and act!!!
    name: felicity Rogers whiting
    talent(s): singing, dancing, acting- not experienced
    I really would love to do this job for you I have never been on Disney channel but I really would love to!!! Another reason is because my favourite actress was on there: Selena Gomez I love her and it is my dream to meet her!!! but if I get this I can probably can meet her:):):)

  8. Timothy

    23. May, 2013

    Hi this is Timothy I am 11 blonde hair caucasian love ant farm and good actor singer and dancer talent actor

  9. KIKI

    09. Feb, 2013

    Hi i’m Kiki,I have been wanting to get on ant farm like forever! can someone tell me when audisions are?Oh I kind of look like China.

  10. Connie

    17. Jan, 2013

    I can pass for characters between ages 10-13

  11. Connie

    17. Jan, 2013

    Hi im Connie, and I want to be in ANT Farm. Can someone tell me audtion details? Being on ANT Farm would be a dream come true! It would help me get a head start on my acting carreer!
    Age ;12
    Ethnicity: Hispanic but very light light skin.
    Hair- Dark brown
    Eyes- brown
    Hight- Almost 5feet
    Weight- 85
    Talents- Acting, Academics, memory (good, not eidetic), and Im strong and good at fighting.

  12. Gwen

    05. Jan, 2013

    Hello My name is Gwen Kirchhoff and I am 10 years old and I live in London.
    Name: Gwen Kirchhoff
    Age: 10
    Height: 5’1 (1 metre , 56 cm)
    Birth date: 31/05/2002
    Hair: Black
    Eye : Dark brown
    Weight: 35kg
    Birth: Germany

    I know when I say I am German you might think I am not fluent in english. But I am.
    Im a very sporty person and I play the violin and recorder. Im still learning how to play a piano. I have been to a concert in croydon to play the violin. The Concert is called Fairfeild Hall.
    I am a very confident singer.If you ask my friends they would say I have a voice of an angel.

    To be able to me the cast of ant farm or even play a part in ant farm would be a dream come true. I have dreamed about it happening but only a thousand times. My parents agree that if I get chosen to star in ant farm, then it will build my confidence.

    So if you think I am right for the job just please email me or if you dont know my email ask me for it.

  13. Tiffany

    26. Dec, 2012

    Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am 14 years old.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5″1
    Weight: 101
    Ethnicty: African American
    Skin Tone: Medium
    Personality: Friendly, Outgoing, and Funny
    Talents: Acting, Singing, Flute, Cross Country, Track and Field, and Art
    I am a determined and motivated teenager. People who just meet me have always told me I have a natural talent to entertain others. I have performed in musical theater at my school. I have also had experience in a church choir as a young child. Then, as a member of a chorus in high school.I have played the flute from 4th grade until 8th grade in a middle school band as first chair. Currently, I am preparing with a private music instructor to enter the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College division in the fall. My leadership skills were performed in the Student Government. I also have athletic abilities in Cross Country and Track and Field.

  14. Oscar G

    06. Nov, 2012

    Hey im Oscar G. And I am curently 14 years old like China and im 5’5″ I look Me xican but im slavadorian. I speak English perfectly? I dont really have an accent. Do yeah I been acting for 3 years and im ready for the big time but im just having trouble finding a agent.

  15. symone

    29. Sep, 2012

    hi my name is symone her are some things about me
    age: 12
    height: 5″1
    weight: 101
    eye color: brown
    skin color: dark brown (but not to dark!)
    hair color: black brownish red (mainly brown)(also cut pixe style i think thats what its called)
    sports: volleyball, basketball, and a little badminton
    talent: sing, act, and musical instrument (a little bass guitar, and trombone. need somepractice)
    hobbies: art, helping people, and being silly
    other: i go to a college prepatory school and doing pretty good except in math i need a little fun, nice, caring, and silly. and also if you need and idea for a role i could play a girl that is smart, artist, athletic, musical, and is really good with technology.principal skidmore like the idea of replacing all the ants with a prodigy that can do every thing they can do and better to get extra money. but all the prodigy wants is friends not to take someone place (she can also act) but no ask her so she tries to tell them but they wont listen but they finaly do when she yells it at them so they let her act and they all become friends. (cameron, paisely, lexi are up to some scheme again but fails) thank you for taking the time to read this even if you dont choose me i will get a n acting job one day because i wont stop searching and sorry about this being so long.

  16. asdfghjkl

    24. Sep, 2012

    omgosh thats weird

  17. Cool blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?
    A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make
    my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your design.
    With thanks

  18. Victoria

    29. Aug, 2012

    HI i’m Victoria Falls and i would like to in a show on disney channel. here are some things about me:
    age: 11, 1/2
    weight: 90
    sports: skateboarding, tennis, swimming, I KNOW A LOT: ballet, Gymnastics, Volleyball, cheerleading, softball, baseball, soccer, floor hocky, and track and field.
    Hobbies: Drawing, Hanging with friends, helping others, singing, and plays.
    Talents: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Playing my instruments
    Skin Color: Fair, tanish
    Eye Color: Blueish green
    Hair Color:light Brown
    Instruments: percusion, piano, little bit of guitar
    Characteristic Traits:funny,Caring, friendly, shy (only at first, then I can be very outgoing), good at understanding directions. When I am reading for a part, I don’t tend to stutter, or read directly off the paper. Dedicated. Hard worked, Devoted Previous Experience: local theatre productions.

  19. Victoria

    29. Aug, 2012

    HI i’m Victoria Falls and i would like to in a show on disney channel. here are some things about me:
    age: 11, 1/2
    weight: 90
    sports: skateboarding, tennis, swimming, I KNOW A LOT: ballet, Gymnastics, Volleyball, cheerleading, softball, baseball, soccer, floor hocky, and track and field.
    Hobbies: Drawing, Hanging with friends, helping others, singing, and plays.
    Talents: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Playing my instruments
    Skin Color: Fair, tanish
    Eye Color: Blueish green
    Hair Color:light Brown
    Instruments: percusion, piano, little bit of guitar
    Characteristic Traits: Caring, friendly, shy (only at first, then I can be very outgoing), good at understanding directions. When I am reading for a part, I don’t tend to stutter, or read directly off the paper. Dedicated. Hard worked, Devoted Previous Experience: local theatre productions.

  20. savannah

    23. Aug, 2012

    Hi my name is savannah! I know other. People are saying like I love ant farm put me on thee show and stuff. I truley just love it its hilarious. I wake up oin the morning early just so I can watch ant farm! A good idea for an epiisode is like eaither another prodagy or have like jakee (fletcher) or seiras (olive) relative come.
    I love love the show it would be a dream come true to have me on the show. Pleasee consider me

    Things about me:
    Hair- brown
    Eyes- brown
    Height- 4’10
    Weight- 63 pounds
    Age- 12 (I’m small for my age)
    Skin color- cuacaasian but tanned!
    I’m a funny person and nice I have lots of talents because at school I really don’t have many friends so I have time to think a lot and I have to be creative on my own so I have written small books before and I’ve made a lot of my own things, and I sing in a lot of places. I go to a dance class and I dance everyday. Also I have been in acting things. My teacher said that (insert famous director I can’t remember) would be proud becuase we had to make this mini movie on hunger games and I acted and directed haha! I want a new start out in hollywood and see where else my talents can take me

  21. Danielle Porter

    21. Aug, 2012

    Hello My name is Danielle porter i truly love the show ANT FARM I would to be a regular on the show I’m 11 years old I’m mixed with Spanish white black and creole i have short dark brown hair dark brow eyes i am 5ft 3 weight 125 and my hobbies are singing playing the violin and the guitar

    Please Consider me

  22. Rebecca

    14. Aug, 2012

    Hi!!! I am Rebecca. I love the show Ant Farm. It is hilarious. I would just love to be on Ant Farm. I am 12 years old. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5ft 2 in. I have also had acting experience and when I was smaller my friends and I would do these little games where we would all pretend to be some one else. I am also really athletic and I love to act. I have a really good memory and I can read really well. I also can get in front of people without being nervous. Lastly I am very active and also I have searched every where so please choose me. I would love the opportunity to be on Ant Farm.

  23. miracle

    12. Aug, 2012

    Hi I really want to be on Ant farm.I am an exellent reader,I can act really well and have been told that by a famous movie producer in a school play.Here is some things about me:




    Sports:basketball,and soccer

    Hobbies:Dancing,singing,and playing piano

    Eye color:Dark Brown

    Skin Color:Light Brown

    Hair Color:Black with brown on the tips

    Characteristics:Smart,Friendly,Fun,happy all the time,Very creative and hard working,never gives up,great reader and writer,open minded.

  24. Alicia

    29. Jul, 2012

    I would LOVE to be on A.N.T Farm! Me and my little sister watch it all the time!
    Here’s some things about me,
    Hair Colour:Light Brunette
    Eye Colour:Blue/Green/Grey
    Instruments I can play:Piano,Flute,Guitar,I sing, and i’m learning drums.
    Extra: I love acting and have all my life, comedy shows like this are amazing because I can really be my crazy self.(: I really hope you choose me for this because it would be SO amazing to be on this show!

  25. Aija

    15. Jul, 2012

    hi i would love to be on the ant farm! i’m 12 light brown with hazel eyes sort of tall not skinny or thick like in the middle and did some acting (main role) in a play sleeping beauty. I would like to be a modeling or acting ant and practiced both alot hope someone picks me!
    p.s. maybe i could be aa ant that thinks theyre all that but then becomes nice or comes in nerdy and shy but gets a makeover and confidence or something like that!

  26. faith marshall

    08. Jul, 2012

    Faith again! Something I forgot to add on my first comment:

    If I was on your show, a good idea would be I’m China’s cousin who moves in with her (because I’m African American, )but is making her loose her mind because she is sooo annoying. X•

  27. faith marshall

    08. Jul, 2012

    Hi! My name is Faith Marshall.I have wanted to be an actress for a very long time.I am11 years old, and I am 4 feet, 11 inches.I love to smile and to make people smile.I have won 2 metals on my oral reading team, and I have a great memory.I play the cello and am an “A” honor student, so school won’t be a problem.acting is my dream, and it would mean the world to me with your cast!

    Sincerely, Faith

  28. keiana

    30. Jun, 2012

    i would love to be on ant farm because i want to be a singer and i have a really good idea for me to be i na eposide. so please let me be a gueust on anty show on diney channel. please i love u. bye.

  29. jalen hoang

    19. Jun, 2012

    Hi my name is Jalen hoang, I’m an aspiring actor/ music artist. I’m represented by Abrams artist agency in New York. please check out my hip hop track on called “never Give Up

  30. Tia Osborne

    28. May, 2012

    Check out my website at I recorded my first CD in August 2011. I would LOVE to share my talents with your cast. I love singing, dancing, cheerleading and acting. I have a great personality and I am very smart. I attend high school and college! Call me @ 850-613-6842 or 321-795-1792 (mom)

  31. Amber

    13. May, 2012

    hello there i have always loved acting im 12
    years old and ive did auditions to get into acting they accepted me but we couldnt afford it so i had to quit i really love to act its me. but i cant anymore because i dont have the chance too and doing what i love maked me happy and havent felt that way in a long time.

  32. Onaiya Watson

    24. Mar, 2012

    Hi my name OniyaWatson im 12 years old but can pass as 13 im slim i have long dark brown hair i can sing,dance,and act im height is 5.5ft i weigh 107 and i would love to get this role

    P.S-I look like China Anne McClaine

  33. Megan

    09. Mar, 2012

    Hi I’m megan, here are some things about me:

    age: 11
    Height: about 5’ft
    Weight: 82 lbs
    Sports: cheerleading, softball, ballet, I KNOW SOME: Gymnastics, and Volleyball
    Hobbies: Drawing, Hanging with friends, helping others
    Talents: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Playing my instruments
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Color: Fair, Caucasian
    Hair Color: Brown/blonde
    Birthday: 06/10/98
    Instruments I play: Piano, flute, little bit of guitar, boomwhackers, little bit of xylophone
    Characteristic Traits: Caring, friendly, shy (only at first, then I can be very outgoing), good in school, good at following directions, good at understanding directions. When I am reading for a part, I don’t tend to stutter, or read directly off the paper. Dedicated. Hard worked, Devoted
    Physical Traits: tinyish for my age, I look younger than I am
    Previous Experience: School productions such as plays and musicals, and local theatre productions.
    contact Back Asap Thankyou!
    I hope i get in
    (: Thankyou byee xx

  34. Tianna Waters

    19. Feb, 2012

    I will love to be on ant farm please pick me to be the new ant so please i really want to be on ant farm thank you and have wonderful day

  35. Aubrey

    15. Jan, 2011


    I have searched everywhere on the internet looking for the answer of going to a movie red-carpet premiere in hollywood in February.

    I looked on the Mann’s theatre website and it didn’t say how to get the tickets.

    can u help me please? :)
    thanks you!

  36. Hollywood Mom

    24. Dec, 2010

    Hi Drake, We loosely use the term “open casting” when there is a concerted search by a given production or casting office, on a nationwide or worldwide level for a role or roles.

    A “casting call” is one in which HMB is aware a production is casting and posts the role and/or contact information for our readership, but the production itself hasn’t necessarily gone “public” with the request.

    Either way, yes, you should submit if you are right for the role. Break a leg!

  37. Drake

    24. Dec, 2010

    What’s the difference between a casting call and an open casting call? Can I still send my headshots?

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