Child Actor Loses Role on Network Soap Opera

This is the news no actor, young or old, wants to hear. According to several news outlets and his own social media accounts, child actor TK Weaver reports that he recently lost his role of DANNY MORGAN on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

TK Weaver shared publicly that General Hospital recast him. Ouch. Being recast or let go from a TV show is challenging for any actor but possibly more so for child actors and their parents.

Most noteworthy was Weaver’s first statement regarding the recast on his [adult-run and monitored] instagram account: “I was recast. I found out a couple weeks ago, but I was asked not to tell anyone. Broke my heart. I love you all so much. I love my GH family and all of you who make my day every day! You guys are the best!

This slide show of TK with many of his former General Hospital costars, set to the emotional Boyz II Men song “End Of The Road,” certainly pulls at the heart strings.

Porter Fasullo is the child actor replacing TK Weaver. According to sources, Porter has a theater background and has worked as a model. He also plays the piano and speaks Spanish.

Via instagram the young actor stated: Thanks for all the love #generalhospital fans. I’m extremely grateful to have joined the #gh cast and family as Danny Morgan. I know I’ve got big shoes to fill from TK Weaver and I hope I can make you all proud. 🙏🏼💙 💕 Thank you to my family for the support. My agent Alysa and agency PMT @palomamodelandtalent who believed in me from the beginning. I would never be here without you guys.”

Over the years the Hollywood Mom Blog community and the general child actor community has seen it’s fair share of children be recast, and we all empathize with their feelings of loss, embarrassment, anger and sometimes, plain old confusion.

As the result of social media, both child actors and their parents occasionally address these job losses directly to the public. Such is the case this time, with both TK Weaver and his replacement Porter Fasullo (who’s instagram account is managed by his mother) making instagram statements.

According to Soaps In Depth the character of “Danny [Morgan] was born on-screen in June 2012 and was first played by twins Gage and Gavin at birth, and later by twins Jaxon and Jakob Kring as toddlers for a couple years. Caden and Corben Rothweiler took over in 2014, followed by Braiden and Dylan Kazowski. Weaver was the first solo actor to portray the character and he made his debut in May of 2016.”

TK Weaver is represented by Entertainment Lab‘s Angie Lucania, and commercially by Jeremy Apody of Buchwald.

Porter Fasullo is represented by Paloma Model and Talent.