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OPEN CASTING CALL: Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season Two! @Abby_Lee_Miller

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Collins Avenue and Bryan Stinson Casting are seeking kids 13 and under (As of May 1, 2013) for a new season of “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.” Producers are conducting a nationwide search for the best kid dancers in the the U.S.A!

abbey lee dance co“AUDC” is the ultimate kid’s solo dance competition where someone will be named best kid dancer in America and win a $100,000! Kids selected will be judged by a celebrity panel, including Abby Lee Miller of “Dance Moms”, trained by top choreographers, and will compete in front on MILLIONS on national TV.

You’ve seen the moms on Season One of “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”. Do you have what it takes? Are you a dance mom and actively involved in your kids dance career? Is your kid fiercely competitive and at the top of their game? As a parent, are you knowledgeable about the dance competition world and knows what it takes to WIN! If so, this dance competition is for you and your kid. Kids from all styles of dance are encouraged to apply.

Please submit the following information to

Dance Mom’s Name and Age

Dancer’s Name and Age (Include Date of Birth)Name of Dance Studio The Dancer Is Currently Attending

Phone Number


– Pictures of Mom and Dancer

Bio on Dancer and Bio on Mother

List awards and accomplishments/list competitions the dancer has won

Explain Why You Are An Involved Dance Parent

– Provide a YouTube link to child’s best dance performance. These are VERY important. Please make sure the video is a solo of your child’s best work, as it’s used to judge your child’s talent. It must be a solo and should NOT be tap or musical theater. If you do not have a competition video or something that fits the criteria, please go to your dance studio and shoot a new video of your child’s BEST work and upload online. It can be filmed on an iPhone or similar high-quality phone camera. Make sure the shot is static and well-lit, as your child is being judged on this.)

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2 Responses to “OPEN CASTING CALL: Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season Two! @Abby_Lee_Miller”

  1. Kyla Blackmon

    04. Aug, 2014

    Love you abby lee miller you are so great at your job and i’m willing to be on your team because can do it that’s what make’s me happy your girls i said hi oh where are my manners my name is kyla blackmon

  2. Amanda

    20. Nov, 2013

    I live here in burbank Hollywood if you guys need a fill in or a extra hand or a good dancer my daughter and I would love to help and be involved . My names Amanda my daughter is Samantha shes 6 and has gone to both ballet and tap since she was 2 . Shes been in Litttle Miss Nevada Princess pageant and won 1st place in Talent Tap Dancing , won 1st place in Miss Photogenic and 1st runner up. I’ve not put her in competitions yet but I am planning to when we feel the time is right. Hope to hear back from you and have fun dancing with you and your dancers. Best Regards, Amanda 702-503-6306

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