PRODUCT REVIEW: Getting a Goodnight’s Sleep with Lili Alessandra Linens

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Getting a Goodnight’s Sleep with Lili Alessandra Linens

Lili Alessandra sets the bar for luxurious home bedding perfect for the particular Hollywood Mom. I know this because, for the first time in what seems like forever, I’m finally splurging on new bedding. I’ve got new furniture, lighting, carpet and paint in the master bedroom. A gorgeous duvet is the final missing piece of my re-do puzzle.

For months I’ve researched all the best bedding lines and I keep coming back to Lili Alessandra. It’s luxurious, upscale and pricey but nowhere nearly as wallet-crunching as some other luxe linens.  The best part is that right now through 10/31, Layla Grayce is offering 15% off Lili Alessandra with code LILI15.

New bedding might be an effortless choice for some but considering how much I value sleep and how much I crave that cozy “wrapped-up-from-head-to-toe” feeling you only get from quality sheets, comforters and duvets, this has been no simple task.  Add the fact that whatever I choose needs to work for at least a decade, and I’m the chick who’s all ready simi-regretting the paint color I chose for (and painted) the master last month.  So I’ve been stalking Lili Alessandra, waiting for the right time to “e-pounce” and now I have no excuses as I’m fairly certain this 15% discount makes this sale the lowest price you’ll find for Lili Alessandra online.

I’ve narrowed my choices down to these bedding beauties and promise to post pictures once Ive made my final choice:

jon l


lili curtains

lili in gray


Hollywood Moms, this is our opportunity to shop ultra soft, romantic duvet covers, curtains, headboards, table linens and so much more at a great savings. Offer expires on 10/31/13, so get busy!

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  1. Cookie October 9, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    I set my guest room up with Lili Alessandra linens and I would say I have the most beautiful guest bed in the world! I just have to put finishing touches on the room but I used the Versailles collection and it is gorgeous!!!

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