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13 09, 2014

Meet "The Looking Ahead Program" at the ATLA EXPO October 18th!

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Hey Young Professional Performers Ages 9 to 18 and Parents! Do you want to meet other young performers in the entertainment industry in a fun and non-competitive environment? Parents, are you looking for a fun and safe “community” network? Looking Ahead offers free community service, social events, leadership, industry tours, educational resources, support and more!

26 08, 2014

Child Star JOEY KING Joins Corn Bred Films' ORIOLE PARK

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Prolific child actor, Joey King (Wish I Was Here, FX’s Fargo) is attached to star in Corn Bred Films’ “Oriole Park,” shooting this fall on location in Chicago. Joel Murray (Mad Men, God Bless America), Tom Arnold (Hit & Run, Happy Endings), Christian Stolte (Chicago Fire) and Thomas Beaudoin (Other Plans) round out the cast

12 07, 2014

BRANDING POWER: ZENDAYA is the New Face of MADONNA's Material Girl Line

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You never really know how Zendaya (ZAPPED!) will show up dressed for a red carpet event. Will she be styled in urban chic or more runway glam?  That’s why we love her style: she’s unique and confident and loves to play around with fashion. She recently attended two BET Awards Show events, exhibiting both sides of

8 07, 2014

Then and Now: KIRSTEN DUNST on Growing Up Hollywood @FlauntMagazine @KirstenDunst

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Former Child Star, Kirsten Dunst, 32, discusses her transition from child actor in Flaunt Magazine‘s latest issue. On her acting roots: “That transition [from child actor] doesn’t happen to many of us. When it does, I think that you’re really meant to be doing this. A lot of people stop or it’s too hard to transition. But people don’t want

1 07, 2014

New Star From Down Under! ETHAN KARPATHY Age 13 Rocks @TheVoiceKidsAU & @DeltaGoodrem

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Ethan 13 is a contestant on the Australian version of The Voice Kids, making headlines for his talent and striking resemblance to Romeo Beckham. The Australian version of The Voice Kids continued it's Blind Auditions on Sunday's episode, introducing the land down under to yet another lot of vocal talent ranging in age

24 06, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Red Carpet Kids Fashion for Fall 2014 – #BISCOTTI Dresses!

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Olivia Sanabia wearing her Emmy's Biscotti dress from Hollywood Mom Blog on the red carpet! Olivia Sanabia wearing Biscotti from Hollywood Mom Blog at an Emmy's Gifting Suite in Beverly Hills. September 9, 2014 UPDATE: I recently received this thoughtful note from Hollywood Mom Shannon and her talented child actor Olivia Sanabia! "Good Morning

4 06, 2014


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Child Star and talented actor Max Charles, 10 (most notably of recently cancelled, The Neighbors), has been cast in the Clint Eastwood helmed war drama American Sniper, the story of the expert marksman, killed by a discharged war veteran suffering from PTSD. Charles will play the son of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) and his wife Taya, who is being

1 06, 2014

Success Stories: @ChloeGMoretz on #ChildStar Challenges

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“Kids my age aren’t interested in the drug addicts who mess up," Moretz says. "My generation, the Elle Fannings and me, all the girls that are working so hard in this business, that’s who these young kids are interested in. They want to see the go-getters. This is a generation that is not out for any BS.”

29 05, 2014

CASTING CALL: Seeking 6 – 8 Yr Old Female for BRILLIANCE with Will Smith

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ROLE DESCRIPTION KATE: 6-8 years old, female, African American. Kate is the daughter of Nick Cooper (played by Will Smith). She is a "brilliant" child, meaning she has been born with an extremely high IQ which her father is teaching her to hide from everyone including her mother. She has an aptitude for mathematics and

28 05, 2014

Former MATILDA #ChildStar MARA WILSON Weighs In On Isla Vista Murders @MaraWritesStuff

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Former Matilda Child Star Mara Wilson, 26, publicly shared her thoughts (via Facebook) following last week's  murderous rampage of Elliot Rodger, son of occasional film maker and one time second unit Director of the Hunger Games, Peter Rodger. Wilson writes: "Hey all, I hesitated posting this, because I don't want things to get ugly in the comments but I think it's