In a recent interview with, Photographers Kelsey Edwards and Matt Twiggs gave 12 wardrobe tips to help achieve the perfect headshots for your child actor:

  1. Keep it simple and age appropriate.
  2. Solid shirts are key. No frills, buttons, or patterns.
  3. Choices, Choices, Choices. Bring LOTS of shirts in LOTS of colors.
  4. Say Yes to Simple necklines. Limit buttons and frills.
  5. Comfort is key! Bring clothes that make your child feel confident and happy.
  6. Have clothes ironed and on hangers. (Hollywood Mom says: Bring wrinkle release spray for touch ups!)
  7. Avoid hats and props.
  8. Keep hair and make-up simple. Headshots should look like your child as they appear in the casting office.
  9. Bring at least one shirt that matches your child’s eye color. Greens, purples, golds, and oranges work really well with hazel or brown eyes.
  10. Save the best outfit for the middle of the shoot when your child has warmed up.
  11. Do a dress rehearsal! Try on outfits to check for fit, stains, and color, prior to your child’s photo session.
  12. Communicate which outfit you prefer but remain open to the photographer’s opinion on which colors and styles are best.

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