Hi Tracy,

I wondered if I could pick your brain?  Since we have not found representation, I’m asking [you] the only person that I’ve met that has gone this route. We’ve submitted our daughters audition tapes for a couple of roles and have not heard back. I’m now seeing casting notices for those roles again, presumably they’ve not found what they are looking for. Since Olivia is beginning, she is continually becoming more comfortable with the process of auditioning. Can we resubmit her audition tapes and head shots? Will that be harmful in any way to her career? Also, are the agents really looking for new talent throughout the month of September? Does pilot season start in October? Or is it a good idea to continually send out headshots to agents?  Thanks once again for your help!


Hi Milissa,

In answer to your first question, I would not submit your daughter twice for the same role. Many casting directors specifically state that they dislike and do not want double submissions. I don’t know that it would hurt your daughter’s career to double submit in this particular case but I don’t think it would help either. There are many roles to audition for so just keep honing her skills in classes and workshop intensives.

Some feel that there is no longer a specific pilot season per se because there are so many venues now that pilot season has become a year round event. However, the industry is busy right now booking holiday commercials and print work. I would continue to send out head shots and resumes on a regular basis, especially after your daughter has new pictures taken or has added some new information to her resume like a job she’s booked or some new classes or talents.

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