The 1980’s are alive and well in Hollywood. Lifetime is adapting and remaking V.C. Andrews’ book Flowers in the Attic.  A film adaptation was originally made in 1987 starring Louise Fletcher and Kristy Swanson.

Deadline reports that child actors Kiernan Shipka, 13 (Mad Men) and Mason Dye (Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader) have joined previously cast Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn. Graham will play Corrine, (mother to Cathy and Chris, as well as the twins Cory and Carrie) and Burstyn will play Corrine’s mother and the kids’ grandmother, Olivia.

Kiernan Shipka is represented by CAA and 42 West.

Mason Dye is represented by CESD and Industry Entertainment.

Congratulations to both of these talented youth. We’ll definitely be tuning in for this Lifetime Movie!

Flowers in the Attic centers on four young siblings forced into secret captivity in their grandparent’s attic while their recently widowed mother tries to secure her inheritance by ingratiating her wealthy and dying father who mustn’t learn of her children. What should only take a few days spans more than three years. The children anxiously  wait for their mother to release them as they suffer untold  physical and emotional abuse. Eventually the older siblings Chris and Cathy hit adolescence and develop the wrong kinds of feelings for each other.