Child Actors Top Audition Secret according to talented coach Helen Gordon!

Helen Gordon, of the Helen Gordon Studios, has been coaching young child actors in Los Angeles for 20 years. Her students are some of the most successful child stars, who have worked with Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Helen equates the success of her students with the fact that she teaches them to make the roles their own so that they don’t look like they are acting. “Casting Directors don’t want actor robots. They want real kids who are natural and are having fun,” Helen says.

Amber Montana

[typography font=”Architects Daughter” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#e3123c”]Helen has been such a driving force behind my character, Taylor Hathaway. She is always very honest in a positive manner, and she pushes me to deliver. Helen can explain what a director or the network is asking for in a way that I clearly understand, but allows me to bring my own self to the material. – Amber Montana, “Vanished”[/typography]

So what’s Helen’s Child Actors Top Audition Secret? Improvisation.

Improvisation is creating a scene on the spot with no preparation and it helps in many types of auditions. Many commercial auditions are improvisation and theatrical auditions can be all or part improv as well.

[quote] Improvisation is the Child Actors Top Audition Secret.[/quote]

“Improv is important for young actors to master so they can think on their feet, have fun, and take risks,” says Helen. “Your child may go to an audition where they have to prepare a scene,” she continues, “but there may be an additional scene where their character has no dialogue, and your child would be expected to improv that scene. If the young actor learns and practices the rules to improv, he/she will stand out at any audition.”

Helen GordonABOUT

Helen Gordon is a New York trained professional actress and stand up comedienne who holds beginning and master classes for young actors. Most of Helen’s students are referred to her directly by agents and managers. Her goal is to get child actors booking work, and that’s exactly what they do!  Former students include Rico Rodriguez (Modern Family), Kyle Red Silverstein (Blended, Scorpion, Grey’s Anatomy), Raini Rodriguez (Austin and Ally, Paul Blart: Mall Cop) and many others.

Helen was also the on-set acting coach for Nickelodeon’s hit TV show, The Haunted Hathaway’s (50 episodes), Santa Hunters, and several other pilots. She has been called the best kids acting coach by TV network executives, writers, agents and managers. Gordon was She named one of Backstage’s Favorite Acting Coaches for young performers 3 years in a row.