UPDATE: Our Winner is Hollywood Mom Jackie Williams and her child actor! Congratulations to you both and thank you for being loyal HMB readers!

HMB Contributing Writer and Hollywood Mom, Nyna Lyle, has launched a new business venture designed especially for our talented lot of professional child actors BizKidsReels.com.  We could explain it but honestly Nyna does a much better job.  In her own words:

“As the parent of a successful child actor, I make the best choice as your demo reel editor. I have the skills, experience and knowledge.  I know what casting directors are looking for.  You must find a way to stand out.  A demo reel will increase your child’s chances of gaining an agent, being brought in by casting and selling your talent to the director.  A few years ago when my daughter was first starting out, I had the good fortune of helping cast a feature film.  This enabled me to see what a casting director does from the pre-production stage to post.  When talent agents submit actors for a project, casting directors see 1000’s of actors.  For one specific role there could be 1000’s of choices.  I remember watching the casting director choose children for the project.  She scanned the photos of headshots at a rate of about 30 seconds a page.  She’d click the selection box of her choices, but occasionally, there would be an actor that had a demo reel.  She would stop, click on the demo and watch the first few scenes—most of the time; the actor was selected for the pre read.  I knew at that moment I needed to make a demo reel for my daughter. It is the best decision I have ever made.  She has booked several movies and television shows.”

Why does my child actor need a demo reel?
Your child only has minutes, sometimes seconds to impress a casting director. If you want your child to be working in film and television today, you need a lot more than a head shot and resume. In order to truly compete, your child needs a demo reel.

I can tell you first hand that the competition is fierce and never ending.  You must find a way to stand out.  A demo reel will increase your child’s chances of gaining an agent, being brought in by casting and selling your talent to the director.  Trust in a child’s ability to perform is the reason casting is calling your child in to audition. A great demo reel can show three things that come to mind.  One, the child is serious about his or her craft. Two, they have set experience. Three, it demonstrates their skills and presence on screen as an actor.


How much does it cost?
A flat rate of $150.

What do I get exactly for $150?
You get the editing of a 2-3 minute reel.  You get two DVD copies of your reel, plus a digital version for uploading to the internet. Your project is then archived for quick and easy updates and DVD copy re-orders.

How much is it if I need to update the reel at a later date?
$50 for every update. (One to two scenes per update)

Do you discount for siblings?
Yes! 15% discount of initial reel for siblings. Updates are at regular price.

Do I have to live near you?
No. I have clients around the world. Yes, I can edit your reel for you if you don’t live near me. I can make arrangements for you to ship your materials to me, and we can chat back and forth over the phone and via email until the job is completed. I will email you small video files for your approval.  I promise you this- the reel won’t be finished until you are happy and you love it. I have always worked this way with my clients and always get successful results from working this way.

How long does it take?
Once we have had our consultation and you have given me the files, you should have your digitized reel ready to upload to Actors Access or your personal website in 48 hours. You will have your mailed copies sent via Priority Mail which is usually 2-3 days.

What happens during the consultation?
We discuss what type of actor your child is and what type of acting your child wants to do. We will go through your footage and chose the shots that make your child shine.

So what are you waiting for?

Thanks to Nyna and BIZ KIDS REELS, Hollywood Mom Blog is presenting a Demo Reel Deal Giveway valued at $150!*
Prize package includes:
(1) Editing of 4-5 scenes to create a 2-3 minute reel
(1) Small Digitized File (for email & Actors Access)
(1) 720p Digitized File Format for YouTube or Vimeo
(1) DVD of Reel

To enter, follow Hollywood Mom Blog on Facebook and Twitter and follow Biz Kids Reels on Facebook and Twitter – it’s that easy! Then leave a message in the “reply to” section below telling us why your kid should win this fabulous package!  Winner will be announced Friday November 18, 2012.

*By entering the contest you agree that you have permission to use video clips that Biz Kids Reels will be editing for reel.  You also agree to have final product placed on the Biz Kids Reels (AKA NetvisionDesigns.com) website.