If you have a young actor, 11- 15 years old, who is working professionally or is close to breaking through, this is the summer experience for you. Sitcom Summer Camp is an absolutely unique, fun, learning experience run by our friends at Center Stage Workshop. And now – especially for HMB readers – an additional $50 off camp enrollment! 

Sitcom Summer Camp is a two-week summer program that will give your child the opportunity to experience what it’s like to audition, rehearse and perform as an actor on a network television show. Students will experience a real audition process with a professional Casting Director.  The cast will receive their shooting script from a previously produced TV pilot (everyone gets a role) at the “table read” that will include the cast, director, wardrobe/makeup designer and the original professional writer.



Students will have the experience of a lifetime as they learn to build character, block the show and deal with “last minute” rewrites as they work toward performing their SITCOM in front of a live audience!

SITCOM SUMMER CAMP is run by Center Stage Workshop founders, Michael Spound- Broadway/Film/TV Actor with over 25 years of experience and Karen Wilkens- Emmy Nominated Television Director for the last 20 years.

Sitcom Camp Includes:
· Audition Day with Professional Casting Director
· Professional Multi-Cam Script For each Actor
· Table Read with Cast, Director and Writer
· Learn Blocking for Multi-Camera Show
· Work with real Wardrobe and Makeup Designer
· Live Performance in front of family and friends

The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks July 14- July 25 For more Info: www.centerstageworkshop.com (818) 554-1119


Michael Spound


Karen Wilkens