I stumbled upon a blog entry this morning that’s a “must share, “ primarily because I don’t have time to really BLOG today. And I don’t really have time to blog today because I was busy reading other people’s blogs. Which is how I came about this blog post. Yes, it’s a vicious cycle.

As the parents of child actors, we should be aware of what prospective directors are thinking about us (the parents) and about our children. And how sometimes, working with kids can be much more rewarding and much less painful than anticipated.

In this blog, newbie writer/directors Danny Jacobs and Darren Grodsky share their fears of working with children and their relief upon discovering talented child actor Madison Davenport. Honestly, she’s accrued so many credits in her short 11 years, my fear as a newbie director would be, “Am I worthy?”

The well-reviewed Jacobs/Grodsky effort is “Humboldt County” which according to IMDB follows *”a disillusioned medical student, stranded for a summer in a remote community of counterculture pot farmers, the last place in the world he imagined he would discover himself.”


*plot description from IMBD Pro