For the past year, my three-year-old daughter Shelby has been inexplicably obsessed with rain gear.  We live in Southern California so justifying the purchase of full rain attire and accoutrements anytime from June-September is virtually impossible.  As the winter months approached, I knew that if I was ever going to get her rain boots, this was my chance.  That’s why when I received the opportunity to review a pair of kid’s rain boots from Western Chief, the premiere rain boot company for stylish and protective wet weather gear, I was, for lack of a better word, stoked!

Shelby immediately fell in love with her pink Hello Kitty Cutie rain boots.  She has an innate penchant for pink, as I assume most girls her age do, and she just adores the Hello Kitty character’s face and polka dots.  We both knew that the boots were cute, which she reminded me of as she wore them throughout the house every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment from the day of their arrival, but the true test was still to come.  So we waited… for the rain.  Luckily we didn’t have to wait very long as this winter is proving to have its fair share of drizzle-filled weather.

At the very first signs of precipitation, Shelby stomped out into the wilderness..err, the streets of the San Fernando Valley.  And boy, were we impressed!  The full-net lining really helped to keep her little feet dry and the non-slip sole kept her from falling on her tiny tush as she tried to run full speed down the sidewalk in an inch of water!  Made from 100% waterproof, natural rubber and reinforced with a steel shank to boot (hehe), we learned first hand that these gorgeous galoshes are made to last.

Now when we go to auditions this winter, I won’t have to worry about my daughter ruining her “nice” shoes before we even get to the casting office door.  She can wear her new Western Chief  rain boots for the road and slip on her shoes when we arrive – clean and dry.  Perfect.  This winter may be a messy one, but this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that we will have our Western Chief boots to help us splash our way through it.

And now Hollywood Mom Blog readers have something to be thankful for too!  If you order a pair of adults or kids boots from on Black Friday, November 26th, you will receive a free pair of adults or kids 100% fleece boot liners!  At a regular price of $15, this is a steal!  Just add the liner to your order and add the code TURKEY in the notes of the order.  The liners will initially show as being charged but will zero out once the coupon code is entered.  What a great stocking stuffer!

And there’s more!  One lucky reader will win a pair of Western Chief Rain Boots of their own!  Simply tell us (in the comment section below) what you or your child loves about the rain, be it wearing rain boots (like Shelby), twirling an umbrella, stomping in puddles, catching raindrops on your tongue – whatever!  The winner of the Western Chief Rain Boots will be announced on December 6th!

HMB Writer/Reviewer Michele Dahl is mom of pint-sized models Shelby and Cash Dahl.

You can follow her on Twitter @Elle_Renee