As I packed the kids’ audition bag the other day, I reached for one of my daughter’s sippy cups out of sheer habit. I would never want to be stuck in a waiting room with my two year old daughter without a cold drink. She would view this as reasonable grounds for a tantrum or at the very least, incessant whining until I used my magic mommy powers to make water magically appear out of “no-where”. Before adding her sippy cup to my already bursting bag, I remembered the most recent “sippy cup in the purse incident” in which my cell phone nearly saw its last day after swimming in a pool of leaked juice. To avoid reliving that tragic moment, I decided on a better option. I grabbed my eco-friendly Takeya glass water bottle and we were on our way.

Takeya glass water bottles are a fun, portable, and stylish option for hydrating both you and your kids while on the go. Their airtight, leakproof twist cap gives me peace of mind after I haphazardly toss it in my bag upside-down. Instead of packing the ever-leaking sippy cups, I just bring our Takeya bottle and an empty sippy cup on the side – allowing for my daughter and I to both have a cold drink without the spills! I loved how pure and fresh the water tasted. These BPA free glass bottles completely eliminated the strange taste that often comes from using plastic or metal bottles. And when the audition was over and we returned home, I simply stuck the whole thing in the dishwasher – silicone jacket and all. Talk about Hollywood Mom-Friendly!  Takeya glass water bottle will definitely be a regular addition to our audition bag from now on.  I may have to convince 2 year old to remove such extraneous items as her princess dress and box of 96 crayons from the bag in order to make room – but it’s a risk I am willing to take!

Now one lucky Hollywood Mom Blog reader can add a Takeya Glass Water Bottle to her audition bag too. To enter to win, just tell us below in the comment/response section, what your most important audition bag items are and how a Takeya Glass Water Bottle could help you fight those audition blues! The Winner will be announced on Sunday, November 7, 2010.

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About Takeya USA

Takeya USA is committed to bringing Takeya’s manufacturing expertise to the North American market by enriching people’s lives using modern design, a rich palette of colors, food-safe materials, unique functionality and high quality craftsmanship. We provide real solutions that save the consumer money, are eco-friendly and promote a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the entire product line, you will find Japanese-inspired designs and innovative features, such as our twist top airtight pouring lids and our crystal clear BPA Free Acraglass™. The 16 oz. Glass Water Bottles are priced at a reasonable $19.99 and come in a choice of traditional milk bottle or modern design.

HMB Writer/Reviewer Michele Dahl is mom of pint-sized models Shelby and Cash Dahl. You can follow her on Twitter @Elle_Renee