I’ve got to hand it to former Disney child star Miley Cyrus. She masterminded a sure fire way to get the world to stop talking trash about her sexually explicit, twerking, tounge-wagging performance at the VMAs two weeks ago: simply strip naked and straddle a huge concrete wrecking ball. Yeah, that’ll pretty much do the trick.

wrecking ball

We feel you Miley – your #WreckingBall video makes us sad too…

Guess Miley has been to busy defiling foam fingers and demolition equipment to read Hollywood Mom Blog’s inspirational piece by Kate Connor on the innate value she and all young women share or to read our column by West Coast Counseling Center on what happens when a star breaks down on the public stage.

She should read those articles.

But she won’t, because as of now, while writing this post, her #wreckingball video all ready has 20 million views on Vevo.

Where in the world are her parents Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray you wonder?

According to her twitter account, Tish is in Paris. Shopping.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.40.32 PM

No word on Billy Ray but following the VMAs he told Entertainment Tonight: “Of course I’ll always be here for Miley. Can’t wait [to] see her when she gets home. She’s still my little girl and I’m still her dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out. I love her unconditionally and that will never change.”

RIP Hannah Montana.

RIP Hannah Montana