Okay. I’m sure some of you other Hollywood Moms have received casting notices that just don’t sit right with you. Perhaps one similar to the notice I just received calling for “Frightened Children?”

The kind of casting notice where you think to yourself, “Mmm, perhaps it would be wise to Google this director/band/casting company/fill-in-the-blank prior to emailing my precious young child’s photo.”

Although many of you would have hit delete upon reading “frightened children,” I kept going. Heck, I scare my own child at least once a day – why not do it professionally. I kid.

So it’s for a rock video, (whatever), low-paying (red flag) and casting off head shots (even redder flag). Upon closer inspection, I glean the other parts they’re casting for: “Child-Eating Beast Creature,” and “Medieval Soldiers.” Mmm. Child-Eating Beast Creatures are one thing, but Medieval Soldiers? I don’t think so.

So I do what any parent with a MySpace account would do. I look up the “band.”

After reading the bands homage to all things evil, I will say this only once. DELETE.
If you are the parent of a child actor research the casting notices’ associates/topic/job title/etc. on MySpace and on Google. It can save you (literally) from the darker side of the biz. Nuff said.