1 01, 2020


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Child Actors! These are your Top 10 Tips for Pilot Season Welcome to magical, exciting yet sometimes frustrating experience of PILOT SEASON. Whether you’re traveling to Los Angeles for pilot season for the first time or the fifth time, auditioning via tape from the comfort of your own home or simply CURIOUS about what this

8 03, 2021


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Originally published in 2011. **2021 Update: New agencies have entered the Atlanta market, which are real contenders.  The list has been updated again to reflect this. *2014 Update: Since this question was originally asked in April 2011 the landscape of the industry has changed dramatically. You no longer need to leave Georgia to pursue a

25 02, 2021

KIDS CASTING CALL- Tineka Becker Casting

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- TINEKA BECKER CASTING KIDS CASTING CALL- Tineka Becker Casting KIDS CASTING CALL - Tineka Becker Casting is searching for Caucasian boys, ages 11 - 15 years old for an Amazon Series. ROLE: Leading-boy types with a bit of an edge. Kids who can hold their own in a physical fight, ideally big

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FREE Child Actor TAX TALK: How AB5 Affects Professional Child Actors The Looking Ahead Program at The Actors Fund presents a FREE Child Actor TAX TALK Workshop geared for parents/guardians of professional young performers which will be moderated by Ronnie Steadman, Enrolled Agent with the IRS. SIGN UP HERE Ronnie Steadman has over a decade

12 01, 2020

Best Kids Acting Camps, Coaches, Classes & Workshops

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Have you ever wondered where the Best Kids Acting Camps, Coaches, Classes and Workshops, Schools and Camps are? Where did Disney child stars like  Zendaya Coleman go to summer camp? Where did super stars Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon attend acting class when they were child actors? This comprehensive list of the Best

2 01, 2020

Best Child Actor HeadShot Photographers Nationwide

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Hollywood Mom Blog is always on a mission to learn "Who are the Best Child Actor HeadShot Photographers Nationwide?" Hollywood Mom Blog has cultivated a superb list of the best child actor headshot photographers nationwide, quality children's head shot and teen headshot photographers for the metro areas of Los Angeles, the Southeast and NYC. We

12 10, 2019

Actors Top 4 Workout Elements

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Actors Top 4 Workout Elements by Deborah Lemen Musicians, artists, and dancers are consistently working on their craft. Dancers; step by step, Musicians; note by note, Artists; stroke by stroke. In the same vein, as an actor, it is extremely important to be continually working out on your own and in class, hence here are

10 10, 2019


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Read These 10 Tips Child Actors' Parents - Especially those who pull double duty as their child's manager. West Coast Counseling Center of Los Angeles specializes in working with the unique and underlying set of issues that arise for Child Actors (and Child Actors' Parents') working in the entertainment industry. Sometimes WCCC of Los Angeles consults with a private

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This is the Headshot Tips Video for the ages. Share this Perfect Headshot Tips Video with your photographers, fellow actors, agents, managers - EVERYONE. Seriously, let's make this Actors Perfect Headshot Tips Video go viral! Because I've owned and served as editor forHollywood Mom Blog and several HMB FB Groups for more than a decade (and

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Child Actor Loses Role on Network Soap Opera This is the news no actor, young or old, wants to hear. According to several news outlets and his own social media accounts, child actor TK Weaver lost the role of DANNY MORGAN on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. TK Weaver shared publicly that General Hospital

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