A Prominent Casting Company is seeking families for a new TV show. It’s currently a big hit in the UK and they are bringing the show here to a major network in the USA!

They want families, friend groups, co-workers, siblings, fraternities, and sororities with big personalities that like to watch TV together. They want people that are opinionated, sassy, loud and humorous!

Here is a link to watch a clip from the UK version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8fy2BtVVbE

Send your information to CastingLindsay@gmail.com to day! Attach recent photo of yourself and your TV watching companions, with your names, locations, shows you love to watch and why you love watching them.

And just as fair warning – I’m submitting my mother-in-law and her co-worker and they’re HILARIOUS! 

Click image below for larger view:
Family tv watchers wanted