If you would like to submit an article or press release for possible post on Hollywood Mom Blog: please email (note new email address please)


We encourage our readers to submit tips on recent film & TV castings, open call audition notices, new acting classes, kid-friendly agencies, management companies, etc.  If you have a client you would like us to interview, or would simply like to suggest we post on your favorite child actor, please let us know!  Email HollywoodMomBlog at gmail dot com and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Submitting a product for review on Hollywood Mom Blog (HMB) is usually free.  However, products and/or services must be in keeping with and relevant to our audience – child actors and their parents. Simply provide one non-returnable sample with a media/press kit (if available) after completing the information below and be prepared to send one identical item to the winning HMB reader/ contestant/ entrant.  For long term, guaranteed front-page exposure, place an advertisement on Hollywood Mom Blog. Our rates are Amazing!

What types of companies, products & services are reviewed on HMB?
We review products and services which pertain to baby, child and teen performers and their parents including but not limited to acting classes, workshops and camps; photographers; printers; books – especially those related to the entertainment industry; clothing; food and drinks; restaurants; entertainment; beauty and health products; home office electronics, automobiles, travel accessories, airlines, hotels and long-term rentals, other travel-related items. The bottom line is, if you think it will pertain to and be of interest to our readers, we would absolutely like to hear from you.

Product review turn around time and how to expedite the review process:
At any given time HMB has a number of companies with products and services waiting to be reviewed.  Please never submit a product for review and dictate that there is a “time limit” to when the review must be published as that will automatically disqualify your product for review.  If your product is seasonal, time sensitive, contest-oriented or you simply need/want to expedite the review process, the same rules apply (one sample for review, one for reader) but a nominal fee will be charged.  If extra product samples and/or giveaway items cannot be supplied for whatever reason, there will be a fee.  Please email HMB at with “Request to expedite review” in the subject line. For clothing and shoe reviews: Please email for our writers’ preferred sizes.

After submitting a product review request, you will receive a reply from HMB as to whether your product/service was approved for review.
Thank you!