Professional child performers and athletes have specific challenges that most typical Middle School and High School student don’t encounter.  While pursuing a challenging curriculum full of college preparatory courses, child actors must also make time for auditions, acting workshops, voice and dance lessons and even travel when they land a part away from home.  A child actor MUST put their career first in order to succeed and beat out the tough competition; and must also make time to complete required core and elective courses. In short, our kids need quality education that caters specifically to them and their demanding schedules.

The Bridge School is an accredited private online middle school and high school offering a flexible schedule that enables the full-time pursuit of a professional acting career.

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100% Online Classes

The Bridge School works just like a traditional high school, except everything is online. Students can login and access their courses from home, a library, a coffee shop, or anywhere there is computer and Internet access. Courses that a student is required to take are dependent on the student’s prior transcript. All of our courses are set up on a 120-day calendar schedule, similar to a typical semester. However, students can start the course any day of the year, and they have the ability to move at their own pace and can take up to six months to complete a given course.

Certified Teachers

Students receive individualized attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (via email, 24-hour response time, on regular school days) as needed; including phone support from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. weekdays. The Bridge School’s certified teachers communicate with the students through phone, email and instant messaging. A virtual whiteboard and/or Skype is even available for those students who need additional assistance.

Year-round, online, private school for grades 6 thru 12

  •   Start a course any day with flexible/open enrollment
- Move at your own pace and take up to six months to complete a course.
  • Ÿ  Select courses to augment school-based curriculum
  • Ÿ  Dual credit, AP and elective courses to support individual student needs
  • Ÿ  Complete diploma programming
  • Ÿ  Credit recovery

Parent Portal

Parents are issued a secure login so they can actively monitor their child’s progress in a specific course.  A variety of reports are available; including a detailed account on the amount of time a student has spent on a particular lesson, grades and overall course progress.

Over 200 High-quality and Accredited Online Courses

  • Complete course offerings for grades 6 – 12
  • Flexible school schedule
  • Individual and customized curriculum for each student
  • Open enrollment: year-round school
  • Academic assistance from certified teachers
  • Permanent record keeping
  • Transcript service
  • Diploma offered for high school completion
  • College preparatory courses
  • Complete administrative services
  • Countless new educational opportunities for the student to take courses not previously available to them in subjects ranging from core courses to elective courses.

Benefits of The Bridge School private online education

  • Individual guidance from Academic Advisors
  • One-on-one support from our state certified teachers
  • International accreditation by SACS CASI
  • Approved by the Texas Education Agency
  • Flexible/Open enrollment
  • Up to 6 months to complete a course
  • Easy transfer of credits to and from your current school
  • Personalized curriculum

Need additional guidance and support selecting the courses that fit your online education needs? Contact an Academic Advisor today at 713-234-6117 or via email at