Hi Hollywood Mom,

I’m looking for a reliable talent agency or agent for my daughter who is 10 years old. She is acting and modeling but looking for someone who can direct her to auditions at the Disney channel.
Do you have any recommendation by any chance?

Thank you!
Miami Dad

Hi Miami Dad,

I asked our hardworking Hollywood Moms and Dads in Florida and one of our talented Casting Directors (I’m looking at you Katie Taylor!) whom they believe the best acting and modeling agencies are for children in Central Florida and South Florida. The list below is our TOP 15 Kids Talent Agents FLORIDA. I’ve broken up the list into agencies who specialize in acting only, modeling only and those who handle both. I’ve also noted whether they are located in South Florida (which is what you in Miami would persue), or Central Florida.

The Hurt Agency
Brevard Talent Group
Level Talent Group‬

Karen Greer‬ Models and Talent Agency
Gilla Roos‬
The Green‬ Agency
Stellar‬ Model and Talent Agency
BOCA Talent and Modeling (South Florida)
Azuree‬ (Central Florida)

The Diamond Agency (Central Florida)
Benz Models and Talent (Central Florida)
Central Florida Talent (Central Florida)
Level Talent ‬Group (Central Florida)
World of Kids (South Florida)
Age Models (South Florida)