TOP 5 TIPS FOR CHILD MODELS, Written by HMB Guest Contributor Ursula Bensimon, founder and owner of Bensimon Models & Talent

Being a mother is a job unlike any other. But being a mother to a child model is a truly unique and incredible experience. It requires sacrifices, patience, commitment, standing up for your child model and being their voice – okay, maybe it’s not all that different from parenthood in general. But nonetheless, every parent can use some advice every now and then (I know I can).

Bensomin Child Models

So, here are my Top 5 Tips For CHILD MODELS and their parents to consider when breaking into the child modeling business:

#1 of 5 TIPS FOR CHILD MODELS: Find an agency that understands you. If your child’s studies, hobbies, and interests are as important as modeling, then your agency should support this. You want to be comfortable with your child’s agent, and make sure they understand what you and your child are and are not willing to sacrifice.
In tune with working with an agency you trust, you must show respect for your agency and its staff. Just as in life, the more positivity and appreciation you show to the staff, the more helpful they will be. This is a simple lesson, that all know to be true. We are all trying to achieve the same goal, after all.

#2 of 5 TIPS FOR CHILD MODELS:Be smart about keeping necessary receipts. If your child makes more than $400 a year, they must pay taxes. By keeping your receipts, you ensure that you and your child will be safe from any financial confusion or complications.

#3 of 5 TIPS FOR CHILD MODELS:Education comes first – that does not change because your child is modeling. Make sure you start a conversation with their teachers and administrators so everyone is on the same page. There will always be a way to turn in assignments and prepare for tests in a way that makes sense for your child and the school. You want your child’s life to still involve learning, whether they are constantly working or not.

It may be difficult and it may be a hassle sometimes, but #4 of 5 TIPS FOR CHILD MODELS: Enjoy the experience that is the entertainment industry. Have fun with it, the more fun you and your child have on trips to auditions, or coming for call backs, the more excited they will be about the opportunity. Confidence is everything, and your child knowing that you enjoy being with them on this journey will fill them with it. Keep that in mind on those long car trips, and it will make it all the more special.

All in all, while your child is looking for their big break in the industry, there will be challenges along the way. #5 of 5 TIPS FOR CHILD MODELS: Stay positive and be smart. Make sure you are picking the best agency for your family.  Keep the finances under control and know the rules. Don’t ever forget about the importance of school, and work with them so your child does not miss a beat.

Lastly, (bonus tip!) stay positive.  Your child is entering a tough industry and the more happiness and confidence you fill them with, the better the process will be. From all of us at Bensimon Models & Talent, enjoy the list, use it, and comment below, adding any tips that you have found to be particularly helpful.