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A while back we asked Hollywood Mom Blog’s fantastic Hollywood Moms and Dads (aka Momagers and Popagers) HOW TO BECOME A CHILD ACTOR. This is a list of the basic first 10 Steps of getting one’s child into the professional world acting!


1) Study! Study! Study! Enroll your child in Acting Classes, Improv and Scene Study.  Don’t put your kid “out there” on auditions and interviews until he or she is truly ready to go out. *HMB has an ever-growing list of wonderful acting schools, coaches and camps.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.14.15 PM

The cast of Nickelodeon’s “The Thunderman’s” studying their scripts.

Some profiled studios currently offering summer classes and workshops: Gray Studios, Center Stage Workshop and GS Acting Workshops.

2) Get Experience! Do student films, local theatre and school plays.

3) Get Head Shots! And we mean good head shots, taken by a professional photographer who specializes in babies, kids and teens. Make sure you leave with both Commercial and Theatrical looks. This is your child’s calling card and first impression with casting directors. Check out some of HMB’s favorite photographers here.

4) Get an Agent Submit to the top talent agencies for kids in your market after having researched them thoroughly. Meet with them in person before making a commitment.

5) Get a Work Permit

6) Open a Coogan Savings Account

7) Join online casting sites like Actors Access, Casting Frontier, Casting Networks (aka L.A. Casting), Catz, etc.

The Looking Ahead Program

The Actors Funds’ Looking Ahead Program works with professional young performers, ages 9 through 18, residing in Southern California through events, education, service, support and leadership and to help them thrive amid the unique challenges of working in entertainment.

8) Network through and read up at industry sites: We reccomend Hollywood Mom Blog, Looking Ahead Program, SAG/AFTRA Young Performers, and

9) Keep your credit card in your pocket! Don’t pay anyone for “advice” or “services.” Other than acting classes, agent-requested head shots and getting set up on the legitimate casting websites, you don’t need to fork over ANY money. Stay away from conventions, weekend seminars and packaged deals that promise to “make your kid a star!”

HOW TO BECOME A CHILD ACTOR 10) Remember Show Biz is a business. Once you’ve decided as a family to take this journey, keep your commitments (like classes and auditions), even if you’re having a bad day.

Thanks to all our wonderful Hollywood Moms & Dads who generously contributed their expertise to this article: Lisa Pitts, Nyna Lyle, Karean Chapman, Gail Watson, Kimberly Dawn, Amy Silbermann, Anne Henry, Valerie Sullivan, Maura Muhl, Monika Whiteley, Keiley White, Dani Burkhardt, Cari Anderson Mason, Rachels Wells Wilk, Jamie Willard Allen, Maria Bitros, Suzette Troche Strapp, Maha Sweiss Maturo, Janina Gavin Cantrell, Dina Argus, Elise Burks, Rebecca Fondessy, Dave Desmond, Jennifer Dodson, Rebecca Zawarski, Sharon Prelesnik, and Mae Ross!

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  1. NB

    28. Mar, 2016

    I really want to be an actress. It is me and my freind’s main dream! If anyone has some tips, my email is My dream will not die!!!

  2. Epiphany Liggins

    25. Mar, 2016

    I am 14
    My only dream in life is to be an actress.
    Please help me

  3. James

    21. Mar, 2016

    I’m 14 and I’d love to act in a movie

  4. Lamya

    19. Mar, 2016

    Can someone help me how to get in Hollywood? After you take acting classes, how does Hollywood know you want to be in a movie? Do you go to L.A. Or something? I really want to be in Hollywood but I don’t know how. Can someone really help?
    Email me:

  5. Mena

    09. Mar, 2016

    I am an 11 year old and my dream is to be in a movie. I have taken many acting classes and been in many plays. Please help I really really want to be in a movie! I know that this might be impossible and nobody will see this comment, but hey, you have to have hope.

  6. shweta star

    26. Nov, 2015

    i may be in hollywood in few years

  7. Fire

    17. Oct, 2015

    So, I am pretty shy and my parents are not exactly the type of people to go out of their way to get me a gig. Though I do have some talent, if I do say so my self. My friends and I act and direct in our own homemade movies, but not in real jobs. I am super into acting, but I NEED HELP! What should I do?

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