The AFI Thesis Film, “A Daughter of These Hills” is casting a beautiful, newborn baby with dark skin tone (Ambiguous, Middle Eastern, Filipino, Asian, Indian) in a birthing scene that is the climax of their film.

WHO: Director Henry Hughes (mentored by George Lucas); Producer Michael Steiner
WHAT: AFI Thesis Film, “A Daughter of These Hills”
WHEN: Most likely Monday, November 25th. We are following all state labor laws and only having our baby and parent working for 2 hours.
WHERE: Acton, CA. Within the 30 mile zone, just north of Santa Clarita

As this is a student film, we can only offer a $10 travel stipend, credit, meals and a copy of the film. We’re also willing to provide photos for a portfolio if necessary! We will have a certified nurse as well as a studio teacher on set to insure the safety of the baby.

Please help spread the word and please send photo submissions to my email: