Wow. Talk about type casting. No doubt the hubby and I would be the perfect candidates for this series but we’re busy working on a show of our own.  Now that I think about it all of my married friends are great candidates. Here’s the 411 for those of you who desire reality television fame:

Casting Call for the perfect Los Angeles area couple for a pilot on a new Lifetime series.  It’s going to be an amazing program that explores the dynamics of married life.  With their honeymoon a distant memory, our husband and wife have each gained about 10 lbs and seem to have lost their spark with all that goes on in their day – kids, work, the economy, in-laws…

The series takes this overwhelmed couple and help them reignite the love that once brought them together.  Finding your soul mate is the challenge: the series’ goals are easy!  The show’s experts will show the chosen couple not only how to live healthy and happy, but how to be good to one another and give them an amazing opportunity to renew their vows.

The couple should be, local Los Angeles (Orange County is a bit far), super dynamic and married for around ten years.  Like all relationships they’ve experienced serious (not crazy) ups & downs and need help working on themselves and their issues. 

What’s in it for the couple:

Great Therapist
The Best Personal Trainers
Five-week commitment, but only about 10 days of full shooting
Free workouts with experts everyday
We will shoot on weekends

Think you fit the profile? Email Katie at for more information!