KIDZ BOP, the #1 music brand for kids in the U. S., is searching for the next kids super group! This group will be an act that represents the brand in commercials, music videos, singing on the records, live touring shows/appearances and even a possible television show!

kidzbopkidslogoThey’re looking for boys and girls ages 9-12, of all ethnicities. Must be able to REALLY sing AND dance AND act, if you can also play an instrument that is a huge asset. We are looking to find the next group of kids who are going to be STARS!  KIDZ BOP is seeking SAG/AFTRA, SAG/AFTRA Eligible and even non-SAG/AFTRA…. they will consider all talent, but be aware this is a several year commitment, which includes long days, heavy travel, etc.

DEADLINE is April 19, 2013

Stuart Stone Casting is looking for kids all over the U.S.A. but would prefer L.A. based, or able to relocate to LA, and work as an L.A. local. They will also be interviewing ALL parents whose kids are considered.

Check out this adorable video to get an idea of what you’re up against!


All kids must send in a video to be considered. Please follow all directions completely and accurately.

1. Please have child hold up a blank piece of paper with their name and phone number written on it. Hold the paper underneath their chin and say their name, phone number and where they are from. They may then put the paper down out of sight.
2. Have the child tell us about themselves for 30-45 seconds. Tell us things like how long they’ve been singing and dancing, any instruments they play, awards, hobbies, sports, anything unique or special about them or they can do, etc.
3. Sing a one-minute song of their choice a cappella. This means there should be no music or noise in the background at all, just singing.
4. Perform a 45 second choreographed dance routine to music.
5. State your name and phone number again.
6. Email a link to your audition reel on YOU TUBE or any other place you upload your audition to. Auditions will only be viewed from a link not opened directly in email to —