Director Alejandro Gomez Monteverdewith wife Ali Landry

Los Angeles based Metanoia Films is seeking a child actor for the lead role of  PEPPER FLYNT BUSBEE aka Little Boy for the Independent Feature Film, “LITTLE BOY.”


Pepper  is extremely small for his age, and thus bullied and treated cruelly by the larger boys his age, who call him Little Boy. Protected by his family, his life changes drastically when his father heads off to the Pacific to fight for his country in WWII. The country is going through a period of racist propaganda attacks on the Japanese and Germans. Hoping to bring home their father, and blaming the only Japanese left in town, Little Boy and London vent their anger by setting fire to Mr. Hashimoto’s Lawn. Their little prank, doesn’tgo unpunished. Ordered to make restitution by their mother and Father Oliver, little boy is given a list of chores. Soon enough he begins to see Hashimoto-san as a caring person, and not a “dreaded Jap.”

Encouraged by Mandrake the Magician, and convinced by Father Oliver, Little Boy tries to use his faith and “psychic” powers to “move mountains” and bring his father home. This must be a very exceptional child, as the film rest on his shoulders…LEAD (1)

STORY LINE: In an idyllic Norman Rockwell world of the 1940’s in Northern California, life is turned upside-down when men go off to fight in WW II, women are left to cope, trying to hold families together, making do with less, and without their fathers around, children start to act out their anxiety. PEPPER, is most affected because he is constantly teased and bullied due to his small size. He learns how to have faith, and become a better and bigger person…

Film Director: Alejandro Gomez Monteverde

Casting Director, Dianne Crittenden

Additional Casting: Carla Hool

Start Date: July 2011

Location: Cabo San Lucas

Email  Submission (head shot and resume) to:

Thanks to Jessica Rofe of “A Class Act NY” for the heads up on this casting call which was also verified by another source.