Demi Lovato’s post-rehab interviews will be featured in two parts on April 22, 2011, first on “Good Morning America” and then later that same evening on “20/20.”

The “Sonny with a Chance Star,” is the latest in a long line of child stars to publicly deal with private struggles, in this case both “physical and emotional issues,” specifically an eating disorder and physical cutting/ self mutilation. Demi speaks candidly to ABC News Anchor Robin Roberts about these problems, and for the first time will discuss the depression she has battled since childhood — and how she’s learning to find her smile again.

The “20/20” portion of theinterview is expected to delve deeper into Demi’s issues and be a more revealing interview than the GMA portion.   Television host Robin Roberts wrote on Twitter:  “Demi Lovato intvw [interview] will not be the same on both GMA and 20/20. The latter will be more in-depth. She had sooo much to share … [she] was incredibly open. Didn’t hold back at all, wants her story to help others. It will!”

Lovato tweeted the response: “Thank you SO much for helping me tell my story today. Today was really special for me.. Thank you.. God bless! (sic).”

While parents may want to TIVO the “20/20” interview first to ensure the material covered is age appropriate for their child’s viewing, it seems this might a great tool for engaging in conversations with our own tweens and teens about issues that affect them and their peers. Either way, it’s very brave of Demi to expose herself this way and we welcome her back with open arms!