Feature Film is seeking 11-13 YR OLD, Indian or Middle Eastern Boy to star in the feature film, FUTURE WEATHER, which will begin filming in July 2010.

Directed by Jenny Deller
Casting by Suzanne Smith Crowley and Jessica Kelly
11-13 year old Indian or Middle Eastern, awkward 7th grade boy who gets considerable abuse from the school bullies. he’s an affluent child, the son of a doctor and is also an aspiring scientist who has quite a crush on LADUREE, although she proves too prickly to approach for a while.  He is so unassuming and sincere that he soon coaxes Laduree out of her shell and  she finds it a great relief to abandon all the lies and tell him what is really going on with her chaotic home life.

If you are interested please contact Suzanne or Jess: info.chrystiestreetcasting@gmail.com or 212- 966-6000

Chrystie Street Casting has cast the films & televisions shows: PRECIOUS, SEX AND THE CITY (TV SHOW), SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, GOOD WILL HUNTING, CIDER HOUSE RULES, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, THE WRESTLER and 200 more major films.

Thank you to Jessica of AClassActNY.com for the heads up on this casting.