We’ve all been there. Your child actor works on something really cool, does a great job at it, gets kudos from all of the cast and crew and then, drumroll,…Nothing. Nada. Crickets. It’s like it never even happened. Why? There could be a million reasons the project doesn’t air or get distributed and chances are you’ll never know one of them.

Well child actor Nico Jones and his creative dad decided to make a public plea to Jimmy Fallon to air a promo Nico did for the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Click on the video below to see for yourself, but basically he did a bang up impersonation of a young Fallon and he wants his me-maw to see it before she…well, before she can’t.

What do you think Hollywood Moms and Dads? Taking it too far? Or a stroke of genius? How far would you go to get Junior’s lost footage?