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“The goal for Sitters on Set is to help parents and give them some relief from some of the stresses that come with an acting career. The entertainment industry is a challenging world, but all of our Sitters spend every day in that world, and we all understand. I just want parents to know that they are not alone. Sitters on Set is here to help every step of the way.” – Heidi Kerring, Sitters on Set CEO

Sitters on Set (SOS) is designed to assist parents with the time-consuming obligations and schedules of young performers in the film and television industry.  The SOS professionals  understand that while your young performer’s career is important, sometimes you just can’t be in two places at once. As all Hollywood Moms and Dads know, being on set and going to auditions can take hours out of your day, and now SOS is available to help when you need it. On set every young performer requires an authorized adult to provide guidance and who can provide this service better than those who are seasoned and experienced industry professionals?

Sitters on Set will accompany your young performer as their guardian/advocate both while working on set and to accompany them to auditions. While on the job, an SOS professional will guide your child by aiding them in their school work with the set teacher, helping them run lines and stay focused, and keeping them company. You can rest assured that your young performer is in good hands with Sitters on Set!

SOS Rates run $25.00 per hour for on set supervision (3 hour minimum of $75) and  $20.00 and hour for auditions, classes and workshops. Rates for auditions have a 3 hour minimum of $60.00. If your young performer’s audition process takes less than 3 hours time, you will still be charged for 3 hours of work.

What about Transportation? Sitters on Set offers Pick-up and Drop-off services for your young performer before and/or after their audition, job, class or workshop. SOS sitters have reliable cars, clean driving records, and personal car insurance and they can pick up or drop off your child from school, work, or home.

For more information on the company, the sitter background checks, and/or to arrange for SOS services, email: or call (323) 362-2166 or (323) 325-5151

Twitter Handle: @sittersonset

Sitters on Set has been a huge blessing to my daughters and me. Having two young daughters in the acting business makes it difficult for me when I need to be two places at one time. Sitters on Set eases that burden for me. I prefer to use Sitters on Set to go to auditions instead of me. Sitters on Set makes the auditioning and acting process a fun, happy, and healthy environment – as it should be. I have peace of mind knowing my girls are in good hands and will enter the audition room with a positive and confident attitude while in the care of these wonderful sitters. My girls always return to me happy and excited to share their experiences with me.  ‘These are the best sitters ever!’ is what my daughters say and I whole heartedly agree. They aren’t just sitters, they’re friends.” – Jeannie F., Mother of two young performers

“I had just relocated to Los Angeles area from the east coast, and I was struggling to get my child to auditions while juggling the logistics of my move. I hired Sitters on Set three times in four days and the sitters were exemplary, the communication top-notch, and their attention to detail was excellent. My daughter’s sitter went above and beyond by downloading Disney songs so my child could sing on the way to her auditions. My experience with Sitters on Set was simply outstanding. I highly recommend their service and we will be long term clients. Their rates are incredibly reasonable as well.” – Pamela C. Mom of a young performer

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