Ongoing scene study is essential and this is why: for professional child actors, acting is both their craft and their career. Ongoing classes, and scene study in particular, is at the core of an actor’s training and is essential for embarking on a career as an actor. All talent needs to be honed, and acting is both a craft and a skill that requires training.

Training can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, and every actor has to figure out the techniques and exercises that work best for them. Ivana Chubbuck Studio is the prestigious acting studio of choice for most working professionals. A slew of actors that range from award winning to iconic credit their success to having studied the Chubbuck Technique both at Ivana Chubbuck Studio and with Ivana Chubbuck herself.


Ivana Chubbuck Youth Studio features a youth program that also offers a superior level of training for young actors who are already working in the industry. The classes available at Ivana Chubbuck Youth help young actors discover the nuances embedded within any character and create a real individual. At all levels, the Ivana Chubbuck Youth roster of Scene Study provides the actor with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to create an organic performance that is unique to the student.

Claire Chubbuck, the master teacher at Ivana Chubbuck Youth, is constantly perfecting the program in order to keep up with changes in the industry. “My students are artists using acting as their medium, but they are also aware of the business aspect of the job of acting. This allows them to fit seamlessly in on a set, and they are aware of how to effectively interface with different departments. I believe it is important for young actors to explore other entertainment careers. We have classes geared toward this endeavor. Also, we shoot short films using the students that are aimed at showings for film festivals. Chubbuck Youth provides a full education, from the point of view of in front of the camera as well as from behind the camera.”

In every Chubbuck Youth Scene Study class, the teacher assigns
scenes with a game plan for each student in mind. Strengths and weakness are analyzed, taking into account problem areas, personal history and experience. Material is then assigned to facilitate growth and advancement for each student. The appropriate script material is chosen and that will quickly fix each students specific difficulties, thereby enabling them to expand their abilities and enhance the capacity to book work. Using the Chubbuck Technique, the classes focus on in-depth script analysis, listening and engaging truthfully with scene partners, improvisation and memorization, and perfecting the art of acting along with preparation for professional work in movies, television and stage. They participate in a series of dynamic acting exercises designed to highlight the basic techniques that go into really powerful acting and then implement those skills while developing and rehearsing a scene.

“We have a roster of classes for actors as young as seven years old, and as old as 19. We break up the classes by age and experience to facilitate active learning,” said Clare Chubbuck. “Our more advanced classes have very narrow age ranges so we can get into the work as some life experiences differentiate the realities of a 17-year-old from that of a student under 15.”


Ivana Chubbuck Youth provides professional training for minors with a robust roster of educational opportunities designed to develop both craft and career. Ivana Chubbuck Youth offers a variety of ongoing classes, workshops, summer programs, individual coaching, and production opportunities (film and commercial) that create an all-encompassing program for professional young actors.

Ivana Chubbuck Youth programs are all based on the conviction that young actors can be trained with the same rigor and discipline as adults. Actors exercise all the aspects of craft required to achieve the highest professional standards. Students develop the techniques and confidence they need to cultivate an enduring and gratifying career in front of the camera.