Auditioning is an art that is difficult to master for our young actors. Out of all the ways to improve Child Actors Audition Technique, the new summer program at Ivana Chubbuck Youth at Ivana Chubbuck Studios takes the process to the next level.

Chubbuck Youth goes through each step of the audition process in its various forms, including working in front of the camera in addition to putting an audition on tape. In addition to learning auditioning technique, students will perform in daily mock auditions with current casting directors relevant to the field. After they audition and perform, each student will meet with the casting directors and be critiqued not only how they performed – but how they auditioned.

Chubbuck Youth Auditioning Intensive

Session 1: June 13 – June 16
Session 2: August 15 – August 18

The intensive covers each step of the audition process, from preparation to walking into the room and the performance. Includes working in front of the camera and putting the audition on tape. We will concentrate on how to effortlessly make the audition script pages/sides work for you by mastering the phrasing technique, including Landing, Transitions, and effective inner work. Students will break down more scenes and practice the auditioning technique until it becomes fluid. Register Here!

Chubbuck Youth Child Actors

Claire Chubbuck of Ivanna Chubbuck Youth

Ivanna Chubbuck Youth run by Claire Chubbuck, provides professional training for minors with a robust roster of educational opportunities designed to develop both craft and career. Ivana Chubbuck Youth offers a variety of ongoing classes, workshops, summer programs, individual coaching, and production opportunities (film and commercial) that create an all-encompassing program for professional young actors.
Ivana Chubbuck Youth programs are all based on the conviction that young actors can be trained with the same rigor and discipline as adults. Actors exercise all the aspects of craft required to achieve the highest professional standards. Students develop the techniques and confidence they need to cultivate an enduring and gratifying career in front of the camera.