BAY AREA CHILD ACTORS TV FILM SUMMER ACADEMY is enrolling students NOW! Don’t Miss Out!

Bay Area Acting Studio, the premier acting studio in the Bay Area specializing in Film and TV, is owned and run by the talented Christy English. Unlike many other acting studios which claim to “teach Meisner,” Christy English trained directly with Sanford “Sandy” Meisner (creator of The Meisner Acting Technique) and was one of the select few students chosen to continue to study in Sandy’s two-year private class prior to his passing.

In addition to authentically teaching Meisner, Christy English teaches actors who work! Her actors have recently been featured on Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Scandal (ABC) and FX’s hit series The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story as well as booking multiple national commercials from OLD NAVY to Super Bowl Commercials and more.

Fortunately for San Jose and Bay Area Hollywood Moms and their young actors, The Bay Area Acting Studio’s has announced the TV FILM SUMMER ACADEMY for KIDS & TEENS is a six week series that starts June 27, in which students will learn:

  • The Meisner Acting Technique

  • Improvisation

  • Cold Readings

  • Working with Scripts that cover television, film and commercials

  • Acting for the Camera

Summer Academy Attendees will have their final performance filmed and will be given a copy which they will be able to add to their respective demo reels.

San Jose Child ActorsJUNE SPECIAL PRICING for the TV/Film Summer Academy for Kids & Teens is, First week for $549, Second Week for $449 and Third week for ONLY $225! *

If your Bay Area child actor wants to to work in TV and Film, this is THE local summer program you want your child to attend.

DISNEY Week ONE: June 27 – July 1: Students will learn about comedic acting and work on scenes from popular Disney shows like “Dog with A Blog”, “Jesse”, “Austin and Ally”, and many others! (Ages 8-17)

TEEN Week ONE: July 11 – 15: Finally a week just for our teens! Students develop acting skills through studying the Meisner Technique getting a solid foundation, being present, giving them freedom & confidence to express themselves while “playing” in imaginary circumstance. (AGES 12-17)

TV, COMMERCIALS & IMPROV – July 18 – 22:
Students will learn Acting ON CAMERA, Commercial Acting and practice skills that will help them stand out in the audition room! This week is very beneficial for local child actors because the Bay Area has SO MUCH commercial work! (AGES 8-17)

FEATURE FILM, How to Get Auditions & IMPROV! – July 25 – 29:
Students will learn about auditions, how to incorporate improvisation into their work, as well as skills for dramatic acting!

DISNEY Week TWO! – August 1 – 5:
Last year our Disney week SOLD OUT FAST! This year we’re bringing it back for a second week! In addition to continuing work on comedic scene study, students will learn about IMPROV and how to incorporate it into their work!

TEEN Week TWO! Aug 8 – 12:
Get even more in depth lessons created with just our teens in mind!

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Christy English, of BAY AREA CHILD ACTORS TV/FILM SUMMER ACADEMY at BAY AREA ACTING STUDIO, has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 2 decades. English began her career as one of only 50 students (of more than 3500 applicants) chosen to study with Sandy Meisner for a month-long intensive. It soon became evident that the intensive was essentially a month-long audition. Upon completion of the summer program, Christy learned that she was one of only 22 chosen to continue to study in Sandy’s two-year private class!

The following two years studying with Meisner were intense and immensely rewarding. When the two years ended, Christy was invited to join Sandy’s first ever Master Class, which at that time was called The Actors Lab.

When Meisner passed, English continued to study at the Master Class level with John Ruskin in Los Angeles for four additional years. In addition to her intense studies, Christy continued to act, write, direct and produce independent films, one of which brought her nominations for both Best Film and Best Actress. She taught at The Actors Group before moving to Northern California.

Her decision to open an acting studio in the San Francisco Bay Area came from her discovery of how difficult it was as a director to find local actors that could handle emotional material in a truthful and meaningful way. As a result, Christy began teaching one class a week to help actors who, like her before she discovered the Meisner Technique, were looking for a way to connect meaningfully to their craft. She soon found that she enjoyed teaching as much as directing and acting, if not more.

Sadly, Sanford Meisner passed away without having the opportunity to see Christy become the great teacher they both knew she would be “some day.” It was from their shared and deeply held desire to help other actors fulfill their dreams of becoming honest and truthful actors that the Bay Area Acting Studio was born.

While teaching, Christy became passionate about helping her talented students take that next step to achieve their dreams of being working actors. English teamed up with long time friend and Mentor Kyle Fritz, a well established Talent Manager in Los Angeles, to begin representing talent. With such all-encompassing talent nurture and development, it’s no wonder Christy English is so beloved by her students and clients!