Child Star Bailee Madison in Kaiya Eve

From yesterday’s young Dakota Fanning to today’s top tween stars Bailee Madison, Allison Ashley Arm, Bella Thorne and Ryan Newman, Kaiya Eve has been the popular red carpet pick for the last decade.

When my daughter was younger I would spend hours with Kaiya Eve designer Kandi Lightner in her Santa Monica home fawning over all her many creations. I remember one particular excursion when I spent hundreds (and I mean hundred$$$$$) of dollars on her beautiful designer sets.

Well now your own child star can own these same pieces at HUGE savings. Kaiya Eve is holding an exclusive, appointment-only warehouse sale in which every garment will be priced at WHOLESALE. You read it right, WHOLESALE PRICES! If you or your friends have fashionable little girls from infant size to 8/10 years old, now is the time to score a rare deal on young Hollywoods favorite twirly skirts, ruffly tops and more! Call 310-968-0408 to make your appointment today and be sure to tell themĀ Hollywood Mom Blog sent you!

Ryan Newman looking lovely in Kaiya Eve Couture's Spring collection

Tween Stars like Bella Thorne (center) choose Kaiya Eve for it's SUPER WOW factor and easy wearability!

Eye-catching Colors & Flouncy Fabrics make Kaiya Eve the natural choice for photos shoots and red carpet events