Believe it not, this gruesome graveyard is constructed completely of chocolate.

I admit it. My first love is the City of Angels, but I adore Las Vegas. Correction, I  adore Vegas in two day increments.  Two days is just enough time to go to the spa, have a fabulous meal or two, see a show and shop, shop, shop.

On our last few trips to Las Vegas, we’ve stayed at the ARIA Sky Suites in CityCenter.  If you haven’t been yet, it needs to be at the top of your “Places to stay in Vegas,” list.

I thought I’d discovered all the best the Aria has to offer, when the Chocolate Sculpture Halloween display this month at Jean Philippe Patisserie stopped me dead in my tracks. A larger than life chocolate dragon, perched in a protective glass cage, is meticulously crafted down to the minutia of each dark chocolate serpentine scale and gleaming, white chocolate fang. I can’t imagine what my fire-breathing friend and his gorgeous cherry blossom tree cost, but knowing the Aria’s swanky clientele, I’m sure someone will spring for the entire display before All Hallow’s Eve.

In the world of more affordable Halloween candy, Jean Philippe offers up individually-wrapped chocolate ghosts and other treats that run 4.00 to 6.00 dollars. I snapped up an adorable jack-o-lantern witch for my trick or treater.

For those of you who aren’t headed to sin city in October, you can call or shop online to get these gourmet halloween treats delivered right to your door.

In honor of the season, and because eye-candy has fewer calories than the real thing, I’m posting a small picture gallery from the trip (click images for a larger serving). Enjoy!

A life-size, dark chocolate dragon, perched in his protective glass cage, is meticulously crafted down to each serpentine scale and sharp, white fang.

White chocolate ghosts are adorable and affordable!

I couldn't resist Jean Philippe's happy Jack-o-lanterns in witches hats.

Michael Jackson fans will be "Thrilled" over his confectionery likeness!

For Jean Philippe, no detail is too small.

Chocolate artistry reaches new heights at Jean Philippe.

Jack-o-lantern-to-go containers come pre-packed with treats.

Was this horseman always headless or did a choc-a-holic do him in? I'll never tell...