finished float!

DEEP SEA ADVENTURES, the finished float, was just a little more *Special* due to the contributions of the HMB family Volunteers!

What an inspiring way to start the new year – with a post about members of our dedicated HMB family donating their time for a good cause. A few weeks ago the Hollywood Mom Blog’s talented child actors and their wonderful Hollywood Moms and Dads got together and volunteered their time & mad flower skills, contributing to the construction of the DEEP SEA ADVENTURES float for the Rosebowl Parade!  We at HMB like to think that it’s because of the special touches our talented kids added to the “Deep Sea Adventures” Rosebowl float that helped it win the Fantasy Trophy for most outstanding display of fantasy and imagination!

This is their volunteer day in pictures for all to enjoy. Professional photos by Suzette Troche Stapp  Happy 2013 Everyone!