As you know, I’m a momager but I’m also a writer. A blogger to be exact. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be included in the blogger’s Social Media Event of the season, the Los Angeles Moms Blog hosted Brands & Bloggers Mixer at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel. Coincidentally, my first childhood home in California is located a stones’ throw from the Ritz and the views from the banquet room reminded me of all the days I spent playing on that very beach.  For better or worse, this is my home turf, the place where all my childhood memories live; memories of a much simpler time.

While sitting in the round table discussions gazing out at the Pacific Ocean I was struck with the fact that life has changed immensely since my childhood and ironically, so has the way we communicate with each other – ironic because this is really what the heart of the “round table discussions” were for me – how much times have changed. We live in an entirely new world of communication and most bloggers effortlessly incorporate twitter, whrrl, friend feed, facebook, and flickr into their daily communications. Event Organizers and knowledgeable speakers Ciaran Blumenfeld of Momfluential and Jill Asher of Silicon Valley Moms Group drove home that bloggers are pioneers on the cutting edge of all forms of internet-driven communication. We are the writers, guerrilla marketers and trend-setters that innovative brands want to court. Pretty progressive and empowering stuff for a Sunday at the beach.

The mixer following the brand/blogger round table was filled with fabulous product samples that I’ll touch on in future posts. Some favorites of the day were BitDefender (user-friendly, anti-malware software), iGo Green; Stonyfield Farm organic yogurt company; Bosch home appliances, Whole Foods market (a personal fave), Cinnabon (debuting delicious cupcakes), BusyBodyBooks(weekly family management system great for momagers), Joseph’s Rugs (I all ready own 4), erbaorganics skin care line and an unmentionable sample gift from edenfantasys that had my husband suspiciously asking, “Sooo, what kind of meeting was this?” A progressive meeting honey. A very progressive meeting.

Photographer Credits: Carla Duharte-Razura of