When? Yesterday, on a quintessential sunny, So Cal Sunday morning.
Where? The Pier in Santa Monica.
What? A day at the beach with Zenia of Zenia Photography.
Why? Our child actor Jordan needs updated head shots people. She turns 11 this week and her last head shots were taken at  the tail end of year 9. We’ve gone from a 9 year old child to an 11 year old tween in these few short years.  Her pictures need to reflect that change.

While Zenia was shooting Jordan in a variety of locations around the Santa Monica Pier, I was snapping them both thanks to my iphone camera and my favorite, new iphone accessory the iGo Green Charge Anywhere (courtesy of  the hip chicks at Los Angeles Mom Blog ). For each of Jordan’s outfit changes, Zenia found backdrops with colors and textures that could have fallen out of a 120 count box of Crayolas.  I’ll be doing a full post on Zenia Photography in a few weeks with a handful of Jordan’s new pics. For those of you who need your kid’s head shots done pronto, call and book your appointment with Zenia directly at (310) 751-0615.