This is another amazing Open Casting Call for the 20th Century Fox Feature Film, “THE SITTER,” helmed by director David Gordon Green. The storyline is reminiscent of  the Chris Columbus 80’s classic “Adventures in Babysitting, and is rumored to be starring baby-faced comedian, Jonah Hill as lead character Noah Kleinfeld. The pairing of this script with the comedy power of Hill makes me think this could possibly be a “new classic” along the lines of another of my favorite comedian & kids coupling  “School of Rock.”

FOX will be casting three kids, Female 9-13, Male 12 and Male 9-11. After reading the character description for the Latino sibling Rodrigo, I’m fairly certain it was written with a certain adorable child television star in mind – Rico Rodriguez. What do you think?

Submit your picture and resume to KATHRYN at Please mention that you got the casting notice through: A Class Act via Hollywood Mom Blog.  Best of luck to all you smart kids who submit!

Details of the storyline and character descriptions are below:

STORY LINE: Recently suspended from college, directionless screw-up NOAH KLEINFELD is forced to move back home with his single mom and take a job babysitting the next door neighbors – three of the most problematic kids on the planet.  That’s just the beginning of his problems as his evening rapidly devolves into a cluster-you-know-what of massive proportions, with both the cops and a gang of irate drug dealers hot on his trail…

[BLITHE] (9 – 13) Blithe is a tornado of teenage drama. She’s sassy, moody, and obsessed with popularity. She watches too much TV and is like a walking, talking, Jerry Springer episode. But underneath that facade she is like any other young girl: seeking friends.

[SLATER] (12) Slater is a shy, awkward, polite kid, but he’s overcome with anxiety. His friends at school are beginning to think he’s being weird and lame but Slater has secrets he’s just beginning to share.

[RODRIGO] (9 – 11) Rodrigo is the adopted Latino sibling to Slater and Blithe. He despises suburban life and his cowardly siblings. What he lacks in suburban upbringing he makes up for in smarts and guile. A natural troublemaker but he gets away with everything, and does it all with a cool, dangerous grin.