hmb-cover-page-my-earth-360-final-copy is an extensive internet haven dedicated to all things green: whether it’s household cleaning products,  school supplies, water purification systems, cards or gifts, this alternative one-stop-stop seems to stock it all.

One of my favorite items carried by is the Kids Konserve Lunch Kit which retails for $41.99.  With my daughter Jordan not always “loving” the planned school lunch and her after school activities/auditions becoming increasingly frequent, the lunch kit has been a real life saver when we’re on the go.

Each Lunch Kit is comprised of a lightweight, washable canvas bag that neatly fits a  cloth napkin, 304 food-grade stainless steel beverage bottle, food kozy and two food-grade stainless steel food containers.   The well designed grouping curtails my tendency to overuse plastic baggies and plastic water bottles and Jordan loves that her water stays cool all day and her lunch/snack items don’t get crushed or become stale.

myEARTH 360’s founder Lynn Hasselberger’s mission is to raise environmental awareness and help families transition to an earth-friendlier lifestyle.  The e commerce site and blog grew out of  Lynn’s personal concern of the toxins found in everyday items and the struggle to keep her family safe from them.

In 2006, when son Ethan began first grade, Lynn was shocked by the over-consumption she witnessed in the classroom: cases of bottled water in parents’ trunks; refrigerators packed with plastic-bottled Gatorade and the school requirement that each student bring a bottle of water to school, every day.  Aware that about every 3 days in the USA we toss out enough water bottles to encircle the earth’s equator, Lynn immediately realized she was living at the epicenter of the problem.

While her some Ethan was initially reluctant to carry the reusable water bottle Lynn sent him to school with each day, she preached about environmental impact and cost.  Eventually a young advocate was born in Ethan and he began urging family members to turn off lights and to walk instead of drive to the neighborhood store.  In this brief time, not only has Lynn revolutionized her own lifestyle, taught her child valuable life lessons and created a business but she’s managed to::

  • Develop the “I Count for My Earth Campaign,” a school program that gets the green message out to kids in an interactive, fun way (check out the I Count for My Earth video clip to see for yourself!).
  • Create and sell signature “I Count for My Earth” water bottles at Ethan’s suburban Chicago school.
  • Encourage consumers to ‘vote with their dollars by shopping at my 360 earth with its diverse array of no-sacrifices-necessary, low-impact products from essentials (home, school and office supplies, pet care, etc.) to extras (tableware and fashion), everything you buy counts for the earth!
  • Launch of hosted green parties wherein attendees share ideas on how to buy more while discovering amazing green products from the eco-practical to the eco-chic.
  • Inform readers (via Regular e-newsletters and blog updates) about important eco-related issues like indoor air pollution, the battle of bottled water and steps to take.

Now, thanks to myEARTH 360 a lucky HMB reader will win a Kids Konserve Lunch Kit in this adorable butterfly pattern. Simply add your comment below telling us what your family’s Eco-conscious habit is! Winner will be announced and notified October 26, 2009.

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