Street Surfing, the active lifestyle company that pioneered the original Wave casterboard, has a brand new piece of gear for girls, Whiplash Pink, that’s a combo between a traditional scooter and a caster board – with two swiveling wheels, propelled by hip movement and shifting weight.  The Whiplash Pink’s exclusive caster design, flexing deck and handlebar fuse together to provide riders with a cool, side to side, whip-like ride.  Girls-on-the-go can self-propel the Whiplash Pink so that their feet never touch the ground, or ride it like a traditional scooter. Detailed information is available at

Details of the Whiplash Pink include:

  • Rear Caster Wheel
  • Riders can kick like a scooter or carve and drift like a Waveboard.
  • Unique Torsion Flex Technology
  • Riders can self-propel without ever touching the ground.
  • Lightweight Design for all Ages
  • Kids will love carving on the Whiplash.
  • The Perfect Travel Companion
  • Folding handlebar makes for easy storage and travel.

The cool scooter’s white, hot pink and black color combination attracts girls of all ages looking for active, outdoor fun. Easy to learn, riders can get as extreme as their ability allows and develop new tricks through the motion of bent knees, the swivel of hips and the shifting of their weight. Whiplash Pink retails for $69.99 at Kmart and

Now Street Surfing and Hollywood Mom Blog are giving away a free Whiplash Pink scooter to one of our lucky readers!  Simply leave a comment about why the little girl in your life would love to own this scooter in the “Reply to” section below! The winner will be announced August 5, 2011!