Picture this: a box of designer clothing, in the style of your choosing, and catered specifically to your child’s current clothing needs (i.e. pants & collared shirts OR shorts & tank tops), and all this automatically delivered to your doorstep every month for an incredible price – no malls, no tantrums, no tears (from the kids OR from you), no stress, no hassle.  Is this a dream, you ask?  Nope – This is Wittlebee, a forward thinking retail company founded by Sean Percival, former VP of Online Marketing at Myspace!

In three easy steps, you can be on your way to receiving your first fab Wittlebee subscription box.  Fill out a Style Profile for your child up to size 5T – answering a few questions about color preference and choosing from such styles as a “Diva” for girls or a “Hipster” for boys.  Next, complete your membership info and speak to a stylist about your specific preferences.  And for only $39.95, you’ll receive your first box of clothing, which averages about $100 in retail value, at your doorstep within two weeks!

 As a mom to two tots under 5, the mall no longer stirs up thoughts of sales and leisurely strolls through my favorite department store.  Nowadays, some choice words that come to mind are “fear and loathing.”  So the minute I learned about Wittlebee, I knew it was designed with moms like me in mind.  Considering my four year old daughter currently has upwards of 25 dresses, I threw the little dude a bone and ordered a box for my young Hipster, Cash.  And as luck would have it, we received our first Wittlebee box the night before an audition!  This Hollywood mom could not have asked for better timing.

Three t-shirts, two collared shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of khakis later, I felt like I had hit the lottery!  Our Wittlebee box contained great brands like Kenneth Cole Reaction and Carter’s – just to name a few – and a large enough variety of pieces to allow for a number of great outfits!  I love that they give you full control of style and clothing type but then allow you to sit back and relax while they do the work of selecting it for you.

I was able to pair a really cute collared button down with a comfy t-shirt and shorts.  And as all Hollywood Moms know to do, I changed Cash into his new collared shirt just before entering the casting door. Somehow they always manage to get some sort of sticky substance on them during the car ride.  I even had an extra collared shirt from the Wittlebee box as a backup in case he found more sticky things in the casting room – which is surprisingly possible and for some reason, inevitable!  In the end, we may not have booked the job, but I know one thing for sure…  Cash was definitely the best dressed toddler at the audition.

Each month, Wittlebee Stylists curate a personalized box of shirts, pants, onesies, and more, tailored to your child's specific lifestyle needs based on their sports, activities and climate.

Wittlebee is offering a special deal to our Hollywood Mom Blog Readers – with this link, you will receive $10 off your first Wittlebee box!  http://curebit.com/x/JAOjS