Professional Child Actor Summer Program at Chubbuck Youth offers conservatory style courses designed for students wishing to receive a complete immersion in Ivana Chubbuck’s Acting Technique and broaden their technical knowledge and skills.

PROFESSIONAL CHILD ACTOR SUMMER PROGRAMAll Chubbuck Youth Summer programs utilize scene study with classes taught by different coaches and working entertainment professionals, so students benefit from various perspectives on the technique and specific industry insights. All summer programs prepare the student for a professional career as an actor. The Ivana Chubbuck Youth Summer 2016 roster includes several sessions of the Chubbuck Boot Camp Intensive, Power of the Actor Breakdown Weekend, and the Chubbuck Auditioning Intensive.

Ivana Chubbuck Youth’s Professional Child Actor Summer Program provides an educational experience that immerses the young actor in the professional world of acting. This demanding program is based on the conviction that young actors can be trained with the same rigor and discipline as adults. The pace of the course is intense, and students should be prepared to focus on acting for the duration of the workshop.

Chubbuck Youth Boot Camp Intensive
The basics and terminology of the Chubbuck Technique are introduced, then more fully explained and defined. This class provides each student with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to create an organic performance that is unique to each actor. Using the Technique, the course focuses on in-depth script analysis, listening and engaging truthfully with scene partners, improvisation, and memorization, and perfecting the art of acting along with preparation for professional work in movies, television and stage. Scene Study is the core of acting as an art and is essential for embarking on a career as an actor.

Chubbuck Youth Breakdown Weekend
Using the Power of the Actor, this class is designed to help students understand and apply the fundamentals of breaking down scripts. This class is not a scene study class, but more of a “how to” class. Each student would be given the same characters to breakdown and in the workshop, you will explore the practical application of the principles outlined in the book. We will walk through step by step; how to choose an objective, beats and actions, explore inner monologue, how to integrate your personal history with your character’s to go dynamically after your goal and much more…

Chubbuck Youth Auditioning Intensive
This intensive is devised to train individuals who have an understanding of Chubbuck Technique fundamentals for a successful audition. Topics include finding your type, picking active material, preparing for and execution of the audition, improv for auditions, and cold readings. For actors auditioning for schools and professional actors looking reinvigorate their career and want to develop their craft, the students will learn how to thoroughly prepare audition sides as well as successfully execute cold readings. Also, the actor will explore the distinct methods of auditioning for commercials, films, and television shows along with career development for each. The students also explore the new frontier of auditions and will master taped auditions, on-camera auditions, off camera auditions, and more. The Chubbuck Youth Auditioning Intensive provides a comprehensive understanding of auditioning and the ability to use their craft to audition successfully.

Chubbuck Youth Child Actors

Claire Chubbuck


The Chubbuck Technique has gained a reputation for not only developing talented actors, but actors whose performances garner Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, and Tony’s. Ivana Chubbuck coached Halle Berry on her Oscar win for Monster’s Ball, Elizabeth Shue for Leaving Las Vegas, and most recently Sylvester Stallone for his Golden Globe in Creed. Other actors include Charlize Theron, James Franco, Beyonce Knowles, Ian Somerhalder, Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel, McKinley Freeman, Travis Fimmel and many others. Dedicated, highly skilled masters with a gift for humanity, the Chubbucks have influenced and inspired actors on a global level.

For the past thirty-five years the Ivana Chubbuck Studio has been available only for adult participation. Now Ivana’s daughter Claire Chubbuck has adapted the Chubbuck Technique for the younger generation of actors with Ivana Chubbuck Youth. Claire has made the technique both accessible and age-appropriate for kids and teens, while still applying the renown Chubbuck methods that have created some of the world’s best actors. If you are seeking a Professional Child Actor Summer Program – look no further!

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