I drive a lot. And by a lot, I mean all the freaking time.  At the risk of sounding like a mathematical word problem, my daughter’s school is located about 15 miles away to the west. So with 2 round trips per day to and from school, I drive a minimum of at least 60 miles every day. But it’s always much more driving than that with auditions, acting class, privates, cheer, golf, parties, sleepovers, the dog park, etc. which all seem to take place about 15 miles to the east.  My alter ego is that of a yellow cab driver. I always tell people, and it’s true, that I wouldn’t be able to take the journey of the Hollywood Mom if I had more than one child because of the demands it entails.  Several parents I know have kids who would love to be in the business but aren’t simply because of the constant driving it requires and the craziness it is to juggle the schedules of multiple children.

A few weeks ago as I was schlepping (*happily*) to yet another audition, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could clone myself?  One of me could be going to this audition with Jo and the other one of me could be doing everything else it takes to keep our household and businesses together.  That’s when I learned about Ready…Go…Set! a unique service which provides the ultimate in audition preparation, coaching, transportation to and from and chaperoning of young actors on set.  That’s right Hollywood Moms, you no longer have an excuse not to get it all done.

Ready…Go…Set! (RGS) is the brainchild of acting coaches Katie Von Till, Joanna Brooks, and Lisa N. Lennox, who collectively have national commercials, TV programs, broadcast news, films, video games, Broadway tours and regional theatre productions to their credit.  The coaches each have degrees in Theatre with extensive training in acting, improv and directing.  Some of their client’s recent bookings include “The Wizards of Waverly Place,” and the series finale of  “ER.” Clients have been called back to producer/director sessions for TV shows and movies including: FRED (the motion picture), “Eastwick,” “Oldyweds,” “Roommates,” “The United States of Tara,” “Good Luck Charlie,” “Mackenzie Blue,” “The Good Wife,” “Make It or Break It,” “Parenthood,” and more.

The ladies work with a core group of professional young talent on an ongoing basis but always love adding more kids to the group. But please note that this is for really serious pro kids only – kids in the mix – READY GO SET is not a taxi service per se but an all inclusive coaching and chaperone service as well. If you just need to get your kid dropped off from point A to point B, or if your child is new to the business this may not be the service for you.

Some of the services RGS provides:

  • RGS can pick up your child from school or home and drive him/her to an audition.
  • Busy schedule preventing you from getting your child to appointments?  RGS can coach your child at their place or yours or via SKYPE.
  • RGS will coach your child on his/her audition material so that he/she has a strong “take” and approach to the scene and to the character.
  • RGS will prepare your child so he/she knows what to do upon entering the room and meeting the producers and casting directors. As working actors, as well as coaches, they understand the process and know how important it is to feel comfortable throughout the audition.
  • RGS’ goal is to assist your child with the choices he/she makes about the audition material so that he/she feels confident about his/her talent, comfortable in the audition and hopefully books the job!
  • When your child has booked the job, RGS can serve as temporary guardians for the day, as on-set chaperones, when you can’t get off work to be with him/her as the law requires.  The coaches stay as long as your child is needed on set and then drive your child home at the end of the work day.

So how much will this god send of a service set you back?  One hour of coaching runs $65/hour with $50 for each additional hour.  All other service time including driving is $25.00 per hour, with a $5 discount after 3 hours. Please inquire for weekly or monthly discounted rates for on-going coaching.  Extra fees may apply for overnight shoots and driving distances exceeding 20 miles.  Call Katie at (213) 924-3989 or Email her at: katie@readygoset.net for more information.

From Left: Lisa, Joanna and Katie

As RGS is not a partnership, each coach is hired on an individual basis. Find individual contact information and complimentary parent endorsements & testimonials on www.ReadyGoSet.net