South Philly Teen Jalen Hoang, 15, describes himself as, “a regular kid from South Philadelphia who’s ambitious, spends a lot of time with family and who loves basketball.” But in reality, he’s also an actor and a recording artist who is working diligently on his crafts, and would like to follow in the footsteps of his idols Drake and Jay Z.

Jalen’s preferred musical style is young, fun, fresh hip hop and pop.  “I’ve always been a fan of hip hop music,” Jalen tells HMB. “Growing up, my father was a big fan

[also]. But I just love music in general, all genres.”  Hoang’s mother acts as his manager and his father serves as his music coach. “My dad used to record music as a hobby and I would always be in the studio observing him.”

Philly Teen Hip Hop Artist Jalen HoangHaving all ready produced multiple songs and music videos, Jalen’s latest EP is TONIGHT, produced by Rico Da’Producer and WizGamb, the same team that produces much of  the music on the breakout Fox TV Show, “Empire.” If he looks familiar, you may have seen Jalen in a popular Capital One Venture Card commercial with Alec Baldwin as his school teacher or in one of several music videos he’s made over the last few years.
His new video “Tonight” featuring the SiAngie Twins and his latest song “Girlfriend” featuring Sap Sounds on his youtube channel.

About the TONIGHT Video: “My mom came up with the concept of the pool party. Some of the kids [in the music video] were my friends and some were actors. It features the SiAngie Twins, who are the younger sisters of the World Boxing Champ Danny Garcia.  When we sing, ‘You Only Live Once,’ we basically mean enjoy your life, cause we all have to have fun sometimes.”

HMB’s favorite video is Hoang’s collaboration with DJrubination,  “Get n’ It” – Check out the music video below:

When he isn’t attending performing arts high school, Jalen spends most of his time in his home studio writing and working on his craft. He’s also honing his acting skills with coach, Kenneth McGregor. “Last year I was home schooled but it wasn’t for me,” says Jalen.

Hoang is scheduled to release a five song EP in the Summer of 2016.  He represented across the board by Abrams Artist Agency in NYC.

You can follow Jalen’s career on his website and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @jalenhoang

TONIGHT Jalen Hoang