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28 10, 2010

World’s Most Famous Momager Popager Duo File for Divorce

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World famous Popager of Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, has filed for divorce from Miley's Momager Tish Cyrus in the state of Tennessee citing the infamous irreconcilable differences. Insiders say there was not a third party involved and this decision has been a long time in the making. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have issued

18 02, 2010

CHILD ACTOR P.R.:Does Your Child Actor Have A Website?

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Some child actors  do and some child actors don't.  My kid does. Have a dedicated website, that is.  While the debate rages on amongst parents with the "Should we or shouldn't we?"  conversation, many of us have forged forward into the internet abyss, securing our child's *namesake URL and creating web sites that range from

29 07, 2009

Video: Noah Cyrus on the Red Carpet

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I'm fascinated with this clip because it's the perfect example of why young children need publicists and wranglers accompanying them in media situations. I don't think Noah Cyrus (younger sister of Miley Cyrus) could have properly introduced herself to these interviewers or so quickly surmised her involvement in the Hannah Montana movie the way her

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