Probably one of the most shocking “Then & Now” pictorials – Michael Jackson as a toddler and in a picture taken a few years before his death of cardiac arrest earlier today, June 25, 2009, at UCLA Medical Center.


Jackson rose to fame in the early 1970’s with his brothers in “The Jackson 5,” and as a solo artist in the 80’s became the first performer ever to earn 100 million in one year. Quite a feat. There’s no denying Michael was a musical force of nature – much more than a triple threat, Michael was a singer, dancer, choreographer, showman, innovator, trend setter, personality and even actor.

Numerous transformations took place from Jackson’s  first picture to the second – not just the obvious physical evolution but emotional and mental changes as well.  Memories and future characterizations of this man will be as polarized and varied as his nose shape, chin size, and skin color were over the decades.  Some will remember him as a musical legend,  and humanitarian – others as a monster and still others as a tragedy.

The media will visit and revisit his career numerous times over the coming weeks gleaning insight and opinion from the multitudes of fans and journalists who are well-versed in his life and creations.  I am admittedly not either of those but must mark his passing on the Hollywood Mom Blog because he was a phenomenally talented child performer who became one of the most successful performers of all time.  Rest in peace.