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Our girl Joey King styled by Ali Levine for Glamaholic Magazine – LOVE.

When I style my teen and child star clients such as the young, cute and super talented, Joey King (right) or the handsome and talented Chris Wallace, dapper Robert Ri’chard, and Hollywood Heights’ adorable actor Cody Longo, here’s how I approach styling them.

Top 5 Tips For Styling Child Stars

1. I love and enjoy the use of Colors, and depending on the client, I use the color/colors I think look best on them. Whether it’s a pop of color with a shoe or in a certain outfits complete look.

2. Details in the garment are key for me when styling young talent, using elements such as: elbow pads, colored shoe laces, ceramic bow ties, different types of collars and prints, and mixing up young with glam when it comes to my girls, for example, high top platform sneakers paired with a cocktail dress. And I love fun necklines. Just using different details you wouldn’t expect that pull a look together!

3. Pick silhouettes according to age and body type, in order to keep it age and event appropriate but also fresh and trendy.

4. Mixing prints and patterns that people feel may not go together. It’s about standing out, having fun, and taking chances with your style. I like to take risks in a good way.

5. Style is Personal! It’s important to style the look pertaining to the person. If that young actor or singer is fun, poppy and cute, then when styling them I will incorporate those elements into their look, or if their style is vintage and casual, I will use that as a guide and dial it up.

When my clients are young, it’s especially important to showcase their personalities! I love to style everyone but kids and young actors are especially fun. I love watching them evolve aesthetically and professionally, it’s amazing to be a part of.

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About Ali Levine!

        Born and raised in New York, Ali Levine has worked for some of the biggest names in the Fashion industry including

Fragments, Coach, Talbots and Target. Fortunately for us Hollywood Moms, Ali recently relocated to L.A. where she fell head over heels in love with wardrobe styling and has proved to be excellent with kids and teens. Ali is one of the best when it comes to dressing clients for red carpets, music videos, artist tours, films, commercials, press junkets, and editorials and is a remarkable trend setter and is exceptional at trend forecasting.

Jordan (my teen actor) was fortunate enough to work with Ali last summer on the movie, “The Next Dance,” and now HMB is blessed to benefit from her sage fashion advice which she also shares with top media like EnVie, Vogue Italia, Fashion Couture, Luxxy, Coco, Prysm Magazine, GQ, Maxim, Naluda, Ouch Magazine, USA Today, Fab Fit Fun, Type F online and The New York Times!

To contact Ali Levine or learn more about her work, visit her website at and follow her on twitter at @alilevinedesign.